Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cyborgs Sent from the Future to Destroy America Say the Darndest Things

This is the same guy who was citing James O'Keefe as credible source which the media would have to deal with or risk making The Pig People angry:
...After the third and final presidential "debate" last Wednesday, the inexplicably-still-employed Hugh Hewitt showed up to debate the debate looking sad.  Well, not "sad" exactly: "sad" is one of those human emotional states which Mr. Hewitt has not yet figured out how to simulate.

So let's just say he showed up looking like a superannuated Sears Menswear mannequin that had been worked over with a bag of doorknobs.

His mission:  Jam the words "Project Veritas" into the conversation as hard and as often as possible before Joy Ann Reid and Chris Hayes' sheer incredulity forces him to power down.  (Loyal Republican wind-sock Michael Steele takes it a step further by insinuating that it was really Sekrit Democrats masquerading as Republicans who got Trump nominated in the first place, )

Let's go to the tape!  (h/t Crooks & Liars)

Because, according to Mr. Hewitt, if you don't get right down in the pig-shit and rassle with scum like O'Keefe every time he sharts in public, the you "[play] into rigged media" narrative.

If this sounds familiar, it's because this is exactly the same "reasoning" you find with every unhinged Alt-Right twitter egg and ALL CAPS Conservative emailer in Christendom:  the infantile and idiotic insistence that if you don't let them set the terms of the "debate" and if you don't take the time to individually rebut every single one of the infinite number of shit-dipped lies and conspiracies they Gish Gallop around every single day, then they "win"!  
The same guy who said that Sean Spicer should be given a big bag of Mulligans for lying his ass off to the American public because it was his first day of school and no one had told him that lying his ass of to the America public was, y'know, a bad thing.  

The same guy who used to repeatedly whip himself into a frenzy over exactly which section and subsection of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act would be used to finally bring the monstrous Clinton "charity" to heel and probably destroy the Hillary Administration before it got off the ground.

And every time his fellow Comcast/MSNBC employees grit their teeth and treat his as a respected  and honorable colleague, they flush their own credibility right down the shitter.  


Yastreblyansky said...

And now Fred Hiatt has given this swine a pulpit at the Washington Post.

bowtiejack said...

I know it's not new news, but the sheer mediocrity of these people is appalling. Although I guess it was ever thus with sycophants, minions, courtiers and boot-lickers. The lack of talent and integrity is a feature not a bug.
Nothing bears that out like the present royal court assembled at Mar-A-Lago.

The Kraken said...

How is it possible that the NBC umbrella had a tinge of credibility when it was still owned by General Electric?

We need a serious discussion on the left about how to effectively limit the revenue streams of corporate media. Are amoral behemoths like Comcast willing to subsidize the same liars they currently employ? Can profit motive be reimagined as a surrogate conscience in the shameless? Can we begin a campaign to convince people to drop cable teevee altogether?

The ideal would be to get everyone on the left to pool money that formerly went to cable bills to invest in radio stations that could broadcast the professional left and other progressive podcasts to finally have the other side available. It may not be a silver bullet but anything could help.