Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trouble On Purity Mountain

As the Spleenwald Horde freaks out over the Flynn revelations, the best value for your entertainment dollar is watching the Putintercept's front man insult and attack anyone on Twitter who steps out of line.

And to stick the landing, The Worlds Greatest Journalist turns two of his go-to pissy little insults -- "drooling" and "McCarthyite" -- into a single locution.

I would close this out with something clever of my own, but I will never be able to top this:

Once again, it is probably rude to remind people that Mr. Greenwald's meal ticket is still living comfortably under the protection of infamous journalist-murderer Vlad the Elector...

...so I won't do that.


Andrew F. said...

Shame it wasn't pernicious McCarthyite drool. It would be thrilling to see him make the hat trick.

Yastreblyansky said...

In the great days of yore he had dozens of fanbois who would come out on Twitter to dispose of little fish like us, and now I notice he's taken to answering personally (he even replied to me the other day). Is this a sign of something?

Lit3Bolt said...

Why do I have the feeling that Putin could rape a nun and Glenn Greenwald would cheer.

Robt said...

D'Snake D'Souza, I heard he was in prison. Did he escape from New York?

From what I can tell of Greenwald's impression of a Trump tweeting spree.

It has the effervescence of when Moe and Curly go on vacation and leave Larry alone to find his place in society in their absence. Desperate for them Moe and Curly to return to make him whole again.

trgahan said...

Well, a silver lining to the Trump dark cloud is the Kleptocrat- Apologists/Get-Away-Car-Drivers-in-Leftist-Purity-Clothing are getting exposed for what they are.

dinthebeast said...

Is he referring to the protege of McCarthy's attack dog Roy Cohn getting elected to the presidency?
Or perhaps he's just dysfunctionally insane and would probably fit right in with the Trump administration.

-Doug in Oakland