Friday, September 16, 2016

Dear Black Kids


Kindly shut up and get with the program.

Humbly yours,

Latest in the "David Brooks Talks to America's Kids About..." series. (Marriage, Writing, Peer-Group Pressure, Morality, etc.)

Honestly, my arms are already pretty sore from a lot of recent heavy Brooks-lifting, so I'll pass you along to a cross-section of everyone else in the known world who is stunned away by how far up his own ass Mr. Brooks as finally ascended.

Here is a sampler:
Rebecca Theodore

Whitesplaining national anthem protests with David Brooks

How Many Sentences Does It Take To Know David Brooks Has Written A Bad Column?

(Ed: Generally after the title I have a good idea where it will all go horribly wrong.)

Wonkette: David Brooks Would Like Young Black Football Players To Stop Kneeling On His Lawn


dinthebeast said...

Wait, MLK sang the national anthem before his "I Have a Dream" speech? Why isn't that on my video of it? Is DFB high again?

-Doug in Oakland

banker puppy said...

Adam Johnson at FAIR has a good one, too.

No doubt more will follow.

RUKidding said...

As if we didn't already know, but proof positive that DFB writes solely and only to fellate and please his 1% white Masters and the rest of the upper whitey-white eschelons in the tony Acela bubble.

As if black US football players even know who this namby pamby entitled worthless hack is, and as if they'd pay the slightest bit of attention even if they did.

It's truly a WTF "column" - filled with errors, omissions and a whole lotta white entitlement revisionist "history."

Behold & beware of what we get when white supremacists are poised to take over positions of power. As many of us have said, DFB decries the louche debasement of Trump's AltRight fanboyz 'n grrlz, but duly noted how DFB easily positions himself to mightily suck up to white supremacist power, whilst ever punching down on - and what's almost worst, lecturing - the darkly-hued undeserving, ungrateful, worthless others.

It's cringe-worthy being white these days.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Hasn't that been the directive from the white power structure since the abolition of Jim Crow?

bluicebank said...

"Generally after the title I have a good idea where it will all go horribly wrong."

I'll usually assume the headline writer is gamely trying. For me, usually the first sentence is the tip-off.

BTW, isn't about time again for DFB to start off with "People come up to me on the street" bullshit line?

Unknown said...

Here's a perspective from the people who could be the parents of those black kids who Brooks is deigning to "educate." Love you Driftglass (and BlueGal), but sometimes letting us melanated folks have a seat at your table is necessary too. That is said with love. (Note: NSFW language at the link)

Mark Armstrong said...

Thank you, love that website.