Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Somehow Donald Trump Really Believes This Is How The Federal Government Works

Thanks for ruining America, Amy Pohler!


dinthebeast said...

Donald Trump hasn't the merest of clues about how the federal government works, and isn't in the market for any. Fantasies don't count.

-Doug in Oakland

bowtiejack said...

For some reason, the MSM is baffled by Donald and flailing about for explanations.
Let me solve that for them.
Donald is just another spoilt rich kid with a smart mouth who's been enabled and gotten away with crap all his life.
End of story.
Does he hit you like a particularly obnoxious entitled 14-year old?
He is, that's the level of his emotional and character development.
Seriously. I know people who have done business with him and been appalled to finally realize they were essentially dealing with a 14-year old who could write big checks (or not, depending on his mood).

RUKidding said...

Donald Trump doesn't give a shit how any level of government works. He's already outsourced the domestic and foreign policy to know-nothing Mike Pence. Narcissist in Chief Trump just wants attention! And lots of it. Plus Grift. Lots of that, too. And his goon thugs are coming through with lots of donations.

I truly think he went into this as a lark to show how easy it is to get to the top. In that, due to the amoral vacuuity of the GOP, he was correct - it was easy for an amoral grifter like him to make it. After all Tundra Trash led the way. The gullible rubes were primed and ready.

Having won the GOP nomination, he is now devoted to proving that he can make it to the Show. All he's doing is doubling down on his execrable behavior in order to dominate the entire f*cking planet. The man is a know-nothing psycopth, but that doesn't bother his goon fans. They like him that way.

It's creepy. He won't win, but he's set up the end game by already saying the system is rigged. It's gonna hurt bad when he's trounced by a "mere girl."

I shudder to witness the outcome when he riles up his goon 2d Amendment thugs, who already believe that Clinton has it rigged. It aint' gonna be pretty. The House will immediately proceed with Impeachment. Trump'll be pissed, but he'll laugh and laugh to watch the devolution of the US govt, whilst counting all that sweet sweet Grift that came his way.

trgahan said...


I think you're spot on.

Though I'd add that there will probably be a sizable deposit in his bank account with a Moscow routing number by November 10th for his work helping to ratfuck the American government for another 4 years and allow a certain country's oligarchy to continue to carve up central Asia and bully Europe.

RUKidding said...

To trgahan -
Agree! I read somewhere (and am clueless of veracity and don't really care) that Trump is in deep hock anyway to some of Putin's Oligarchy buddies. That's the speculation (based on rumor, gossip & innuendo, no doubt) as to why Trump pumps up Putin as his BFF and is his go-to guy. Who knows? Entirely possible that Trump is using this shit-show to pay off his debts to the Vory (which everyone knows ya don't wanna mess with or miss your debt payments... not even Trump can outrun them!).

I've said all along that the initial reasons why the GOP PTB were pissed at Trump is that he was horning in on their grift. Which he was & is. Of course, now they're learning that Trump's even more out of control than they ever imagined, and who the eff Trump's in bed with - other than his daughter - is anyone's guess.

The GOP made this bed, however, and I hold them completely responsible for this mess. Nominating the Snowbilly to be McCain's VP is just one of many bullshit moves the GOP has made over the years. Trump's "economic policy" is nothing more than the same old Trickle Down that we've been hammered with for years from the GOP. They are shameless parasites.

Anyone who believes that this monster can credibly lead our nation has rocks for brains. I really dislike the Clintons, but Trump, for me, is just a bridge too far. Thanks, GOP.

John Taylor said...

Trump is a nasty, spoilt child who is in way over his head. I blame Ryan and the rest of the Republican ratfuckers who know exactly how bad he is but back him anyway. Party before country every time.