Thursday, June 02, 2016

Paul Ryan: Alas Poor Reagan, I Knew Him Well -- Update

The Hamlet of Janesville is still very busy these days wandering the halls of Congress, hiding out from his own party and talking to ghosts. So please stop asking him about how close he is to his inevitable capitulation to Il Douche:
People Mag Says Paul Ryan Insisted He Not Be Asked About Trump

A Father's Day profile of House Speaker Paul Ryan in the celebrity lifestyle magazine People portrays the lawmaker as a devoted father who takes his kids' sugar intake seriously.

But the story also contains a curious disclaimer noting Ryan requested the magazine not ask him about his party's presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, as a condition of the interview.

That disclaimer reads:
And while his job does require some weekend phone calls to take care of business, Ryan says he doesn’t want to talk politics with his kids. (Or with PEOPLE. One condition of the Speaker getting on the phone for the magazine’s special Fathers’ Day gallery was that he not be asked about his party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, whom Ryan has famously declined so far to endorse.)
When People's writer made a closing joke about Trump, Ryan responded with a chuckle, "I'm hanging up now!" before ending the call, according to the story, which ran online under the magazine's Celebrity Babies vertical...
On a golf course far away, John Boehner is working on his short game, enjoying a Rusty Nail and laughing his orange ass off.


The Day of Capitulation has arrived --

Burn, baby, burn.


banker puppy said...

Paul Ryan is a con man (Krugman) and a fake (Pierce) and a liar (numerous).

That said, I believe his 'no Trump' stance for this interview was appropriate. I doff my hat to him for sticking to it.

RUKidding said...

You have to give the Tan Man this: he most definitely got out while the getting was good. And for sure, he's on the links, sucking down a Camel, slurping up some whiskey and enjoying a laff riot: better you 'n me, kid!

The Donald met with Ryan and reassured Ryan that the Trumpster was ready, willing, able and ON IT to go for the gutting of Social Security and Medicare. Just noted to Ryan: pay no attention to what I say to the rubes about "saving" (using his fingers in the air quotes way) SS & Medicare! Nah. That's just Carney Barker talk to get them to vote for me. Never fear, lil dude, I'm with you all the way on ripping off the rubes to the max and beyond. Social Security & Medicare: Get ready cuz here comes the Donald!!

Ryan will bend his knees and kiss Trump's heiney. Mark my words. The Donald made a Big Deal with him.

Robt said...

As Mitch McConnell makes the FOX rounds to promote Meat loaf or Gary Busy as Trump's SCOTUS nominees.
"better than letting Obama or Hillary nominate" The wise ole Turtle proclaims.

Odd how we haven't heard how the Tri cornered hat doffers fit into all this republican fascist utopia?

I do feel I am witnessing the rise of the oligarchy. Who have been cutting their payrolls of the Tri Corner hat labor.

I think equal branches of Gov't requires equal scrutiny.
When republicans blather of Obama big spending, why is it the press doesn't scrutinize the House and Senate for spending. Where it must be approved?

Not much attention to the H-uu-gg--ee growth of Gov't under the GW/Cheney Adm.
Not much defense of the issue from the Dems over this conservative ideological projection.
Like shutting down Gov't so not to pay for what republicans spent prior?
But darling Eddie Munster Ryan now holds the reins for his dearly beloved Koch Bros.
Now what, Pauly?
Instead of resolving the issues, How do we rake in the rubes? For that is the question Pauly must display to his owners.

Ryan might find he is not bought and paid for. But, just on lease with a out clause at any given time.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Hah. The "House's GOP Agenda". Thanks to his work, and Hair Drumpf, the DNC has finally tumbled to the fact that they could put the House into play, except that they didn't believe it for too long and now need to scramble to find top-tier candidates that can be competitive...don't get too comfy with that gavel, Ryan...

Karen Rea said...

What the idiots who keep railing on about 'The Olds' stealing all of the country's precious bodily fluids (that would be dollars) through those nasty 'entitlements' is that if their parents end up with nothing to keep the wolf from their door, the dumbass children are going to have to support them. But first Mom and Dad will reverse - mortgage said childrens' inheritance away, if they're lucky enough to own their house. The house will then end up in the bank's hands to resell for the profit the kids were hoping to see. The kids (middle-aged adults) will have any savings they have or think they might have for THEIR retirement eaten up by caring for Mom and Dad, trying to get their own kids through college at $100,000 a pop, and trying to save their own frigging mortgage....which the bank will probably get back to sell at a profit. Oh, and 'the Kids' will never be able to retire themselves, so they'll take up an employment slot in the economy that should be going to THEIR kids. See how nicely it all works out?...for the banks, their investors and the people who don't need Social Security in the first place because they already got theirs.

I hate Republicans. and Paul Ryan, the Googly-eyed Granny Starver (hi Charles), is the big 'IDEAS' guy? Puleeeze.

RUKidding said...

Anyone around here remember how Phyliss Diller used to laugh? An insane, loud and wonderful cackle. That's me right now: cacklingly loudly along with fabulous Phyliss' ghost.

Didn't take Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver long to strap on those knee pads, kneel down and kiss that big ole Trump heiney, did it?? No morals, no scruples, no ethics, just show the Granny Starver the money. Ryan got HIS (including his own Soc Security entitlements), so absolutely SCREW the rest of ya losers.

Wouldn't talk about Trump to People Mag?!? PFFFFT!

Ed Cooper said...

If only the Dems had someone at the wheel beside mysteriously still incompetent DWS, the House and the Senate could be retaken. With her on charge, not so much.

Robt said...

The stench you smell in the dumpster fire is the burning rotting corpse of the Republican conservative ideological soul.

The defiled temple that Ronaldus Magnus Reaganus built'
soiled and tainted by none other than the man who urinated on the Conservative Father of all republican prophets. The great satan Trump who Declared the blasphemy of the holy prophet Reagan. Returning to enact his satanic verses on the conservative holy father.

As a devout REagan moon worshiper, Ryan had a hard decision to make. harder than cutting poor people off of life sustaining substanance. That the money could be doled out to the wealthy creators in tax cuts.
That hard decision, endorsing Trump..........

I mean as a GOP speaker of the House (3nd in line to the president).

What else could a Ryan do?
You truly did not have higher expectations for a human that evolved from the cockroach did you?

Bob Risse said...

We have crossed a barrier only. Our next move is to infiltrate the DNC; they are not our friends. Let's cross that bridge when we get to it.