Friday, April 01, 2016

11th Blogiversary


Holy shit, today is my 11th blogiversary.  I've now been doing whatever-this-is longer than any other job I've ever had. Turns out the secret is 1) write every day (even if you don't use it), 2) read every day and, 3) try to stay one step ahead of the goons from the Liberal Command Headquarters HR department.  

Unfortunately those HR guys are shifty bastards so remaining unbought and unbossed keeps getting trickier.  But the good news is, sending money helps!  So kick in if you can.

Oops.  I hear the squeaky, crepe soles of the HR goons coming this way so I gotta run,

More later.

Your pal, driftglass.  


Robt said...

That is not fair. I demand big Government provide me with my own blogiversary. Personalized for my state.

This way I could celebrate voter Fools Day, all year round.

Mister Roboto said...

Well then, perhaps this anniversary makes it somewhat gratifying that the bloom appears to be falling off the "Trump for prez" rose.

MikeAdamson said...

Happy Anniversary!

Fritz Strand said...

Still awaiting for you and Blue Gal to join the ranks of the rich and powerful, rolling around in all the doe you get from contributors. Keep up the great work.

Lawrence said...

In the Liberal Dystopia, Alan Grayson sends YOU three dollars. Live long and prosper.

RUKidding said...

Thanks for your site and happy April Fools blogiversary!!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogversary Mr. Glass! Looking foward to the next 11.

squatlo said...

Happy to know your blog has made 11 laps around our planet's sun! And just think, you did about half of that trip with your eyes closed and nowhere near a computer... Let's see today's whippersnappers match THAT record.

I like to read from those who have pioneered the art form, but know better than to expect longevity as its own reward.

"I blog, therefore I am" probably wouldn't have made it onto a poster.

Eileen Gunn said...

Thanks for all the David Brooks therapy! My husband doesn't know how much breakfast-table agony you have spared him.