Saturday, March 12, 2016

You're God Damn Right We're Tired

You want to know why?

Because while our highly-paid Elite Professional Media has been busy mocking us and ignoring us and jerking off to Both Siderist porn in their hammocks, we've been ringing this god damn alarm for so god damn long that our rotator cuffs have burst into flames and our arms have fallen off.

From me back in 2009. See if you notice any passing similarity to what Liberals were saying seven fucking years ago and your average Trump rally today:
Dear Democrats

Stop trying to reason with these people.

You can't.

Stop pretending they have points of view worth respecting.

They don't.

Quit bringing metaphorical knives to gunfights, and at the next town meeting when the Cash For Wankers crew shows up to run in circles and scream "Hitler" until they shut the place down (or until their corporate sponsors have enough footage to use for the next news cycle) not stand there looking like a brace of tharn bunnies.

Because these people are not joking around, and they are not going away. Sara Robinson brings her eloquence and scholarship to bear on the antics of GOP's Insane Clown Posse and their corporate ringmasters here, and what she finds isn't funny or harmless at all:
It's so easy right now to look at the melee on the right and discount it as pure political theater of the most absurdly ridiculous kind. It's a freaking puppet show. These people can't be serious. Sure, they're angry -- but they're also a minority, out of power and reduced to throwing tantrums. Grown-ups need to worry about them about as much as you'd worry about a furious five-year-old threatening to hold her breath until she turned blue.

Unfortunately, all the noise and bluster actually obscures the danger. These people are as serious as a lynch mob, and have already taken the first steps toward becoming one. And they're going to walk taller and louder and prouder now that their bumbling efforts at civil disobedience are being committed with the full sanction and support of the country's most powerful people, who are cynically using them in a last-ditch effort to save their own places of profit and prestige.

We've arrived. We are now parked on the exact spot where our best experts tell us full-blown fascism is born. Every day that the conservatives in Congress, the right-wing talking heads, and their noisy minions are allowed to hold up our ability to govern the country is another day we're slowly creeping across the final line beyond which, history tells us, no country has ever been able to return.

You're god damn right we're tired


Donald Walsh said...

Everybody is taking these events at face value. How many know that Trump had an association with WWE back in the 90's? Does any of this look like the staged fights between fans of the wrestlers in the ring that used to happen all the time? Seem impossible? Remember that Trump hired actors to attend his speech announcing his run for the presidency. How hard is it to imagine him hiring "protesters" to be the target of violence, to keep him in the headlines?

Marc McKenzie said...

Stop trying to reason with these people.

Yep. To paraphrase a certain movie: They can't be bargained with, they can't be reasoned with, they don't feel pity or remorse.

Funny how up until Friday night everyone was unloading salvos at Hillary for her statement about Nancy Reagan (which Hillary did apologize for--when did we ever see a politician do that?). But thanks to Trump's thugs and the fracas in Chicago, well...

Put it this way--whatever your thoughts are about Hillary, never, EVER forget that the real danger is over on the GOP side, especially in regards to the current GOP Presidential candidates.

Anonymous said...

Been reading Richard Evans' trilogy to see how the original fascists did it in the 30's. The parallels are no longer amusing. Trump and his supporters are are advancing fascism step by step exactly as it was done then. The scary shit is in reading the second volume when the Nazis actually gained control of the government. The first chapter of the second volume starts with how the Nazis established a police state. That was their first priority. All the racial ideology actions followed later. Their first victims were the Communists and the SPD. And so it will be with Trump. These authoritarians have always been a cancer on the nation. It just that now we see it metastasizing.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

@Donald Walsh I posted a similar sentiment yesterday, using the context of reality shows, which Trump has also been involved with. Don't you find it interesting that the violence at his rallies has escalated as the media have piled on Trump this week and Cruz is gaining "traction"?

And to be honest, I don't know which is scarier - protesters really being manhandled or people hired to be protesters manhandled by people hired to be manhandlers. Neither scenario bodes well for the country.

Don P said...

At first I thought some of the protesters were clearly staged, but at this point that's no longer necessary.

I am beginning to wonder though, for as much delight as we take in pointing out "Yep, you built that", and Drifty's wonderful photoshop of Trump as the carnival barker; is this sustainable to even he convention? The events in Chicago made me realize although Trump's leading the band, he's not in COMPLETE control, and this is all a gag to him anyways.

Trump gins up the bigots and cranks, they get too difficult control, or he does something that isn'r "pure", and look out. Trump jets off to Mar-a-Lago, cause who cares,and then what?