Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Talk Show At The End Of The Universe



Frank Stone said...

Wow. Oprah really doesn't believe in researching her interview subjects, does she? Toss a few sparkly word-puffs in front of her eyes, and she's just another gullible rube.

Cirze said...

For all his compensation he has bad teeth?

I'm guessing this is just another one of the sorry tales of the accepted bad dental healthcare USA USA USA naked cities.

I'm sure Oprah's will make up for his inadequacies.

All of them, I'm sure he's hoping.

dominictemple said...

Huh. I see Oprah's still in the same racket, she's gone from giving airtime and support to alternative medicine cranks and snake oil sellers to doing the same for the political equivalents.

Fonscy said...

I particularly like the selfie as the lead as they deride the selfie generation.

He lauds consistency in the bit, he certainly is consistent.

Richard Lohmann said...

Aiiiieeeeeeee! Run away!

SamB said...

Meantime, Paul Krugman goes full Driftglass!

"... we may be doomed. And if we are, you know who will be responsible: the Republican Party.

"O.K., I know the reaction of many readers: How partisan! How over the top! But what I said is, in fact, the obvious truth. And the inability of our news media, our pundits and our political establishment in general to face up to that truth is an important contributing factor to the danger we face."

tony in san diego said...

He is trying to look like an Episcopal bishop in that get-up.

trgahan said...

Actually surprised this hadn't happened already. Both Brooks and Oprah have been working the long con as quesi-confessors to the idyll white upper middle class for years. All that clip needed was Arianna Huffington talking about achieving work/life balance.

I am sure if pressed, Oprah's response to why will be the same as Willie Sutton's.