Friday, August 28, 2015

Strategic Forgettery? You're Soaking In It!

Now that MSNBC has kicked Liberals and our ratings-killing obsession with facts 'n shit to the curb and gone into the Drudge Report content-generation business full-time, you can expect more and more of their extruded news-like teevee slop to be picked up and repeated enthusiastically by right-wing slop-houses like Newsbusters more and more often.

Like, for instance, today:
Halperin: ‘World Would Come to a Halt’ If GOP Said Dems Were Terrorists

On Friday’s Morning Joe, Bloomberg Politics managing editor Mark Halperin strongly condemned Hillary Clinton’s decision to compare Republican politicians to terrorists over the issue of abortion.

Halperin did not mince words when he repudiated the Democratic frontrunner's language and argued that “[i]f a Republican did this the world would come to a halt.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough was just as harsh on Mrs. Clinton and called her comments “disgusting." The Morning Joe host suggested Clinton "wanted us to talk about this. She wanted to throw a bright shiny object out there. So they don't -- so they don't talk about the e-mail scandal.”

After Scarborough listed off the numerous atrocities terrorists like ISIS commit against women on a daily basis he maintained that Hillary’s comments expose the “sick radicalism” of the Democratic Party:
Is this the radicalism, we've been talking about the craziness of the Republican Party. But is this the sick radicalism that is now infecting the Democratic Party that if you're Barack Obama you compare Chuck Schumer to people shouting death to America in Iran? And if you're Hillary Clinton, you compare pro-life Democrats and Republicans to ISIS? What happened here yesterday? This is so over the top. 
The MSNBC host went one step further and stressed that Clinton’s rhetoric was a “disgusting” “planned” strategy as she tries to distract from the FBI’s ongoing investigation into her private e-mail server containing classified information:
This is a strategy of her to be -- to engage in gutter politics to distract from the fact that the FBI is investigating her because she's been called a liar by the American people. So she's just going to try to change the subject. Democrats that are concerned about what's going on should just be more concerned this morning. 
After Mika Brzezinski played Clinton’s full comments once again she admitted that her remarks were clearly “written” and not merely off-the-cuff remarks. Halperin also made sure to point out the media double standard in its coverage of the 2016 campaign and how a Republican would have been swiftly condemned for invoking terrorists while talking about the Democratic Party:
The world would come to a halt. There would be editorials in every newspaper condemning him and demanding he apologize. 

Since over the years I have seen Mark Halperin on teevee yammering out his asinine Conservative talking points in his android monotone many times --

 -- and read about him jamming himself sideways into the stories he is "reporting" many times and heard him administering what may have been the loudest on-air blowjob in modern radio history, it is an objective fact that Mr. Halperin has been alive and at least minimally aware of his surroundings in this country for many years.

Therefor it is also objectively true that Mr. Halperin could not possibly have missed the fact that the entire fucking Conservative Hate Machine -- from its most elite power brokers and elected officials to its lowliest scut-working droolers -- have done nothing but bellow at the tops of their lungs (since before he was even elected) that Barack Obama is a dirty, Murrica-hating terrorist or a terrorist-sympathizer or a Commie Kenyan sleeper cell programmed by his foreign handlers to destroy Murrica by any means necessary.

In fact, other than periodically trying to destroy the country by crippling the economy, shutting the government down and holding daily ritual votes to get rid of health insurance for millions of Americans, pointing at Democrats and screaming "Traitor!  Terrorist!  Commie!" is pretty much all they do anymore.

Pretty much all they have done for the last 20 years.

Therefor it must also be objectively true that Mr. Halperin is a lying liar who lies for a living.

And we all know what happens to naughty lying liars who lie for a living, don't we?

They are praised and feted and paid vast sums of money to go on national teevee over and over again to share their wise counsel with millions of Americans forever and ever.


dinthebeast said...

I once read a book that I liked by an author called Mark Helprin, who I later found out was a conservative of some stripe or other. Not having the book any more, and unsure of the spelling of his name, I was mortified when Mark Halperin started showing up on the internet a few years ago. You have no idea how relieved I was to discover the two weren't the same person...

-Doug in Oakland

Lex Alexander said...

^^^ The book was "The Winter's Tale," right?

Dan Riley said...

That other Mark Halperin is a terrific fiction writer and also managed to write an acceptance speech for Bob Dole that sounded like spun gold even coming out of his corny as Kansas mouth. A conservative yes, but not a tool like this Halperin who has some serious daddy issues.

oc democrat said...

And we all know what happens to naughty lying liars who lie for a living, don't we?

Naughty Lying Liars and the Lies they LIE about Living a Life of LIES!

dinthebeast said...

@Lex Alexander: Yes, that's the one. I don't know if I would like it as much if I read it today, but I must give it credit for prescience about the two newspapers. At the time I found the idea appalling, why would one newspaper that trafficked in garbage be as popular as one that actually practiced journalism? I don't think that Fox was around back then, or if it was, I hadn't heard of it...

-Doug in Oakland

sav savron said...

You are mistaking internet posters with leaders who sound like internet posters...Hillary said she owns it

Buckybone said...

Um...the Republicans do accuse Democrats of being terrorists all the time, or at least of being in league with the Muslim ones.

Kathleen O'Neill said...

Good for Hilary. It seems like only she and PBO are the ones calling out the Thugs for what they are (except for too few hardy bloggers like our host and the Lovely MS. Blue here).

Chan Kobun said...

sav, "lol wut". That is all.

Jerry B said...

The sad truth is "terrorists" would be one of the nicer things RWs have called us.

dahlgren said...

Oh dear lord. Up until this very moment, I didn't realize that Mark Halperin was not Mark Helprin. It does explain a lot though.

I remember hearing the start of the Dole speech on the radio in 1996 ("...And the first thing you learn on the prairie is the relative size of a man compared to the lay of the land. And under the immense sky where I was born and raised, a man is very small") and thinking it startingly eloquent for Bob Dole. I was driving across the high plains - not the far more settled prairies of Bob Dole, with more small towns and people and farms, but still, it struck a chord. (For those unaware of the distinction between the plains and prairies, Highway 281 divides them roughly, with the midwestern prairies of small towns and small farms a few miles apart giving way to cattle and wheat and places that are fifty or a hundred miles from anywhere).

If you haven't grown up out there, it's hard to understand the rest of the country seems at time, not simply physically distant, but a different country with the plains removed from the consciouness of the country (think of a movie or tv show set on the plains, and you probably of something set in a time 125 or 150 years ago). At least for a few moments, I could feel a connection with Dole despite disagreeing with much of politics. And then Dole started throwing red meat to his base and blaming the teacher's unions for all the problems in education and lost me.

When I read that Helprin had written parts of the speech before quitting due to Dole's revisions, I thought ah, that's where the eloquence came from, and I could never quite understand how the two Marks could be one person. Of course, both are quite conservative, and perhaps Helprin wrote the teacher bashing parts as well and not just the opening. He is a good writer though, if not quite of the same stature as Delany or a dozen other writers I can name without working hard, but worth reading (and of course, he didn't write "Game Change")