Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Loud Gargling Noise You May Have Heard Earlier -- UPDATE

Was the sound of NBC Legitimate Journalist Mark Halperin giving Glenn Beck one the the noisiest radio blowjobs I have heard in a long time.

Highlights included Mr. Halperin explaining how "honored" he was to be on Glenn Beck's radio show
after which he spent several minutes loudly agreeing with Beck on the "obvious" Liberal bias of the media, and how he has to explain to those few, ign'rant journalists who may dispute Mr. Halperin's infinite wisdom in such matters that whether it is true or not, "over 50%" of Murrica believes the media to be the Commie Stooges of the Kenyan Usurper.  And that is the important thing.

What Mr. Halperin somehow failed to mention is that some considerable fraction of those people who will swear on the bones of their sainted Confederate ancestors and the Second Amendment that the media is in the pocket of the Kenyan Usurper, believe it so fervently because Conservative moles like Mark Halperin regularly scrape together the "legitimate media" cred they get from working at places like NBC, walk it across town, and hand it over to demagogues like Glenn Beck.

And while this is the point at which I arrived at my destination and turned off my radio, all across Murrica, millions of angry wingnuts kept right on listening, nodding along with every tic and toc of Glenn Beck's meandering paranoid schtick.

Just like they do every day.

Just like they have done week after week.

Month after month.

Year after year after year.

Update:  Welcome Esquire Readers and thanks to Mr. Charles Pierce for the link!

And just in case you thought I was kidding, here is the entire 17.5 minute exchange in all of its mutual-masturbatory technicolor glory.  It is not embeddable at this time, but if you have ever wondered what a visual rendering of Shakespeare's
...In the rank sweat of an enseamed bed,
Stew'd in corruption, honeying and making love
Over the nasty sty—
might look like...


the cheese eater said...

In what is ostensibly a piece of media criticism whose main points are incredibly similar to the ones DG makes on this very blog, Matt Taibbi also makes a very different but obvious point in the first few paragraphs of his post.

According to Taibbi "both sides do it" if "do it" means carry water for and cover up for the criminal plutocrats that run WallStreet. Matt goes so far as to say that being the bitch of plutocrats and NAFTA style free traders is what the Clinton's are famous for! Some might see the Clinton policy prescriptions as identical to the policies put out by the GOP.

To read Taibbi's false equivalence, "both sides do it" claptrap, just cut and paste:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Charley Pierce shout out!

Jack said...

Great post. I'm looking forward to your podcast this Friday...