Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Conor Friederdorf Versus The Aryan Certificate, Ctd.


Because there is apparently nothing else in the world to write about, Young Conor renews his pointless call for Republicans to stop using the word "Conservative."
What Republicans Stress When They Can't Say 'Conservative'
The constantly invoked term elides as much as it explains about what GOP voters want in a nominee.
Thus forcing me to continue to pointlessly advise Young Conor on the gelastic absurdity of his clever plan to persuade O-Ren Ishii put down her Hanzo sword (not safe for work)

and play nice with the other children.

Frankly, thy best advice for Young Conor would to lay off the Madison and Adams for awhile and re-reading The Lord of the Flies, because in American politics, the word "conservative" was never much more than the conch shell with which the bigguns in the GOP imposed electoral and message discipline on an otherwise savage and immature mob.

But that was all long ago, and Jack Merridew and his followers have stopped caring about the outside world, or lighting the signal fires; now they are just band of monstrously feral children, obsessed with killing The Big Gummint Beast.

The difference is that no rescue is possible for the Conservative movement.  No grownups are going to show up and re-establish order.  Instead, Jack Merridew now runs the place as a franchise on behalf of the Koch Brothers, who like their rank-and-file angry and paranoid and easily stampeded.

The other difference is that each time their terrible plans fall into ruin and disaster the same, blood-drunk rabble just paint their faces a different color -- first Republican, then Independent, then Tea Party, then Constitutional Conservative, the Libertarian, then... -- and pretend that the past never happened.

Because the Koch's like 'em stupid most of all.

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Cliff said...

I forgot to remark on this from your previous outing with Conor:
When talk radio hosts say that Republicans need to nominate a conservative, it may seem as though they are trying to offer substantive analysis

The only adequate response to this is to quote the august philosopher Socrates:
"Motherfucker, you stupid."