Monday, December 01, 2014

The Typos of David Brooks, Ctd.

The civil rights struggle was about as clear a conflict between right and wrong as we get in national life. The debate about Ferguson elicited complex reactions among most sensible people. 
-- David Brooks, 12/01/14

Mr. Brooks forgot to add, " my pants!"

See, I don't worry about the sensible people, Mr. Brooks.  The sensible people are all over here, on my side of the aisle.

But I do worry deeply about the cesspit of paranoia, rage, pig-ignorance and racism which makes up the base of your Republican Party.

But, yeah, if you subtract the entire modern Conservative Movement from the equation, the conversation has been pretty reasonable in much the same way that if you subtract the rat poison from mint-flavored rat poison, you'll have nothing left but the minty freshness.

You write:
In a friendship, people don’t sit around talking about their friendship. They do things together.
First, thanks for sharing with the rest of us exactly how your marriage counseling failed.

And second, I look forward to hearing about how you and your friends plan to stop running your mouths and do something about the problem of the entire modern Conservative Movement in no future column ever,


Redhand said...

"elicited complex reactions among most sensible people."

Yeah right. People who feel outrage over yet another black man being gunned down in the street by a trigger-happy cop--while the prosecutors go through freak-show grand jury contortions so that he'll never face charges--just aren't sensible. If only we could all have DFB's nuanced ability to ignore the blood in the street by covering it with a wonderful, opaque sheet of "complexity."

Jack said...

"...if you subtract the rat poison from mint-flavored rat poison, you'll have nothing left but the minty freshness."

Jesus, Driftglass. How the hell do you come up with these gems? Any one of them would be hilarious, but you toss them off left and right like it was easy.

Barry said...

It's such multilayered dishonesty; Brooks is also promoting the lie that the Civil Rights movement wasn't opposed by a large segment of 'sensible' and 'respectable' people.