Tuesday, December 09, 2014

In The Old Days

Women who collaborated with the fascist torturers often had their head shaved as a form of public rebuke.

These days, people who collaborate with fascist torturers go on Morning Joe

because 9/11.


Redhand said...

What else can you expect from a creature who "served as communications chief during the presidency of George W. Bush and in his 2004 re-election campaign" per Wiki. She's a literal mouthpiece for The Torture Party.

WE're not simply talking about mere stupidity here: this is pure banality-of-evil stuff.

Kind of amusing that her hubby is a lawyer.

VegasJessie said...

She's so incredibly sanctimonious about proclaiming her gratitude to GOD. Yeah, let's thank the invisible sky padre that the morally bankrupt, evil, corrupt Darth Cheney kept us so safe, that 4 commercial jet planes were diverted into population areas (at least 3 were). I just hated her interrupting rudeness when a far more moral being such as Howard Dean. The best idea I heard today was that we should use some enhanced interrogation on MOJO to explain what went down in his Walton Beach office that caused a 28 year old healthy woman to drop dead.

Anonymous said...

These days people who collaborated with the fascist torturers . . . strike that . . . form a 2 man fascist corporation that accepts torture contracts and rake in 80 million dollars. The fucking indemnification policy was a nice plus. If Jim Mitchell and Bruce Jessen spend eternity as anything more than paraplegic dung beetles the universe owes me a colossal refund.


Mister Roboto said...

These days, people who collaborate with fascist torturers go on Morning Joe

Yes indeed, but I'm afraid the circle of culpability here goes a little higher up the ladder than that.

JerryB said...

I'd rather have my head shaved.