Tuesday, December 09, 2014

House Cheney

DETENTION SITE GREEN cables describe Abu Zubaydah as "compliant," informing CIA Headquarters that when the interrogator "raised his eyebrow, without instructions," Abu Zubaydah "slowly walked on his own to the water table and sat down ." 200 When the interrogator "snapped his fingers twice," Abu Zubaydah would lie flat on the waterboard. 201 Despite the assessment of personnel at the detention site that Abu Zubaydah was compliant, CIA Headquarters stated that they continued to believe that Abu Zubaydah was withholding threat information and instructed the CIA interrogators to continue using the CIA' s enhanced interrogation techniques. 202
From every fucking day in these United States...
When Roger Ailes raises his eyebrows, without instruction, the Conservative base buries a knife in it guts while whining "I want my country back!"

When Rush Limbaugh snaps his fingers twice, the Conservative base obediently disembowels itself while screaming "Benghaaaaazi!"
I don't know which of these two scenarios is more sickening.

I do know that without the latter, we would never have had the former.


Anonymous said...

Not only destroyers of human beings, but of the very concept of Civilization. If these aren't war criminals, and we don't prosecute them, then our country is beyond redemption.

Kaye said...

Who ever says, "can't we all just get along?", I will punch them in the face