Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Memory Hole Is Deep And Wide

Jeffrey Sachs says what I would say if I had two minutes on national teevee:
“Unbelievable,” Sachs said, shaking his head. “Because who has been wrong more consistently than anyone in this country? It’s been David Brooks.”

Sachs, who appeared on the show to discuss a recent column arguing against US involvement in the fight against ISIS, clarified that he was only talking about Brooks’s foreign policy. But within that topic, according to Sachs, Brooks’ arguments led to unmitigated disaster. “Eleven years, every single column about this issue, wrong. ‘Go into Iraq.’ ‘Don’t be hesitant.’ ‘It’s all a great success.’ ‘We won the war.’”

“It’s unbelievable that this is the person we’re quoting,” he continued. “Krauthammer? Same way. Eleven years in spreading disaster. No solutions. This is what we say? This is the only thing the United States can do? Please.”
Of course, I would come packing actual quotes from actual David Brooks columns, or perhaps this short video I shot of David Brooks, live and in person, lying his ass off --

-- but in the end it would not matter.

As I have said a thousand different way in the +2,000 posts I have written documenting the towering wrongness of David Brooks since 2005, the puny fact that he has been horribly wrong about everything since forever will never be enough to dislodge him from his media throne, nor is there any force on Earth strong enough to pry the Sage of the Acela Corridor's many, terrible ideas out of his humble, humble hands.

Bad fish, this Elite Conservative Memory Hole. It's not like going down to the pond, chasin' malkins or tommycods.

This Memory Hole...swallow you whole.  Little shakin', little tenderizin', down you go

So welcome to permanent, despised exile from polite society, Jeffrey!

Beer is in the fridge.


Strider said...

Capeheart's such a weasel! "In a perfect world"?! How about we try creating one with strategies that have a chance in hell of suceeding?

Kathleen said...

This may be OT, but I think it's relevant enough to post a link for those who want to read about a real reporter who meticulously investigated and documented CIA's role in the drug trade as a means of arming the Contras. For his efforts, he was slimed by the NYT, LA Times and WAPO, "reassigned" to another bureau, and abandoned by many of his peers. Comparing his story to that of David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Maureen Dowd, Chuck Todd, David Gregory etc., etc., etc., really illustrates the sins of the mainslime media and makes these Soul Suckers appear even more disgusting. Webb's story gives whole new meaning to the phrase "Read 'em and Weep".

Also, while this was not mentioned in the article, the NYT, LA Times and WAPO continued to savage Webb their obituaries.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Why oh why do I ever get out of the boat? I don't even like mangoes! And the mangoes at that Mediaite post are especially fly-blown. Especially the ones claiming that Sachs is the one who's more wrong than Kraphammer; the irony there is so crushing that it could be used to implode God.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That is a very good link, Kathleen.

Now, what are the odds that Wall Street catamite Obama will do the right thing?

What are the odds that Wall Street catamite leg-humper driftglass will acknowledge that Obama hasn't done the right thing?

Compound F said...

Sachs helped tear apart the USSR, and the people in it. Bank accounts disappeared. Life expectancy plummeted.

I've noticed him going around these days looking for lots of redemption on various subjects.

He can eat a large duck shaped like a penis.

Robt said...

Are you tired of the lame stream media. Worn out by the Obama robots, democratic party apologists.
Is the communist liberal NYT letting you down??
Is MSNBC corporate news sounding milder and more like FOX?
If so,
Sarah Palin has something for you.
Yes, a Palin site that cuts through all the other bull to provide you with the news only a real god fearing patriot could appreciate. And without that "Lame steam media bias lens"
Frustrated with David Gregory and ( Chuck Igore" Todd )?
Does Chris Matthews's rebel call of "we are all Neo-Cons now" make you think your watching Sean Hannity?
At this stage in ones life, is anyone still watching this these to get information?
Is watching this more of witnessing the corporate s world of dominance of owning the media and just how they propagandize Americans just as they have alwys done to their share holders?

Derek Daniels said...

Here are the media folks the president me with before giving his address:

Sandy_Claws said...

That's all fine to say. It sounds good. But it's not true.
Obama didn't say the US will do it all. He said there will be limited air strikes with good intelligence, and ground support behind Arab troops. US ground troops will not take point.

marindenver said...

"Now, what are the odds that Wall Street catamite Obama will do the right thing?"

Yes, I also blame Obama.

That was a great link Kathleen. I was familiar with the story Webb uncovered but not aware of how he was treated as a result of it. Definitely makes me want to learn more about him.

Horace Boothroyd III said...


Sarah Palin has the clap?

Pinkamena said...

Oh look, obsessive cinderblock-thrower ifthethunder and insane Markuzian psychopath Compond F are back to troll up things that aren't about Saint Glenneth of Rio.

Excuse me while I vomit.

Kathleen said...

@marindenver: You are so welcome. Every time I think about Webb and how he was treated and by whom (including Mr. James Risen, of "Obama wurstest thing on national security blah blah blah". Good to know what a snake he is). Then compare and contrast with how The Toddlet et al are treated.