Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brian Sullivan: Winner Of This Week's "Holy Shit, You're Just Now Figuring This Out?" Award

Finally noticing in 2014 that the GOP has been run by bigots, demagogues, anti-science fundies and assorted sedition-mongers for the last several decades is like finally noticing that you've been watching Iron Man during the post-credit teaser:

Honestly, WTF is it with Conservatives named "Sullivan"?


Bluesborn said...

Well shucks Brian you sure told...someone? Maybe it's time to pull the plug on your cuddly conservative fantasies chief because in reality it's always been a party choked to the rafters with rat fucking vote stealing gerrymandering fuck sticks.

n1ck said...

Sullivan sounds like a modern Democrat.

Also, can someone with clout tell everyone else that Democrats aren't the party that wants to increase the size of government and make it bigger, but wants to make the government more effective at the things that only government can do well?

Thanks in advance!

Chris Andersen said...

Which party should he belong to? The Democrats. They are fiscally conservative (budgets fall when Democrats are in charge). They favor smaller government (it has been shrinking under both Clinton and Obama).

On all the other issues he mentions he sounds like a Democrat. So come on over. The water's fine.

Horace Boothroyd III said...


That would be swell. If only we had a loyal opposition that accepted government as having a legitimate role i public life, so that we could spend our time and effort squabbling over just what that role might be, as opposed to a gang of ultra who insist that their job is to destroy the evil that is government once and for all.