Friday, April 25, 2014

Today In "Both Sides Do It"

Alert commentor Anon caught this example of Christine Todd Whitman spending a minute excoriating Republicans for their depraved climate-change denialism before suddenly and predictably retreating to the last refuge of scoundrels (at the 1:06 mark.) 

The alternative -- admitting that one of our two political parties has gone insane

and needs to be put down like a mad dog -- carries personal and professional costs that are too terrible for Conservatives and Centrists to contemplate.  

And so this greatest and most destructive of all political lies will continue to roll merrily along, enabling lunatics and traitors and snake-handlers, and suppressing honest debate, until it becomes too personally and professionally painful for the liars to continue to wield it.


the cheese eater said...

In other news Obama still refuses to address the "Negro Problem" but has some iseas about trade that will make America more , extra free:

Insiders and outsiders. Good lookin out for a brotha Mr Obama!

Jim from MN said...

It doesn't take much effort to draw a straight, white line from 1980 Ronald Reagan in Philadelphia, Mississippi to Cliven Bundy In Nevada today. Racism under the banner of "states' rights" is still racism. Just ask Sean Hannity.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

Meh. Digby the Crazy Cat Lady has horked up a big hairball of both-sides-do-it over at the David Atkins blog (remember him? the big cheese in his county political machine?)

Digby is shrieking like a cat on fire over... something... utterly hypocritical... which after much wading through the verbiage turns out to be the absolute utter and stunning hypocrisy of a program to suggest to foreign governments that maybe torturing and assassinating reporters might not be a good thing while at the same time questioning James Risen about the leak of details about an ongoing covert operation aimed at preventing Iran from acquiring an atom bomb.

Exactly the same thing, as summed up in the money quote:

"It's also in line with decades of manipulative maneuvering in which the government (of both parties) gets caught doing something illegal and instead of stopping the illegal behavior, instead enlists congressional authoritarians in both parties to legalize it."

What is it with these people and the word "authoritarian?" Like "neoliberal" it appears to be fresh and new and trendy and the paraphrasable semantic equivalent of "poopyhead!"

In any case I thought you would enjoy another example of Obama is Worser than Bush Even and Both Sides Do It so Voting is Pointless because Snowden is the Hero who Inspired this Discussion. You are welcome.