Thursday, April 24, 2014

Both Siderism Remains The Last Refuge Of Conservative Scoundrels


Whether it's the umpteenth unhinged email you've debunked and thrown back at your Crazy Uncle Liberty or the umpteenth lie that has blown up in the face of Fox News' Number One Treason-Monger...


...another racist, seditious fairy tales goes up in smoke leaving a Conservative cornered by his own words, the response is always the same.

Indignant shock, because Who On Earth Could Have Predicted...? --
Hannity admitted he’s incredibly “pissed off” about the whole thing, saying, “His comments are beyond repugnant to me. They are beyond despicable to me. They are beyond ignorant to me.” He said that plenty of conservatives have been supporting Bundy’s case because of sincere beliefs about eminent domain abuse but now they’ll all be “branded because of the ignorant, racist, repugnant, despicable comments by Cliven Bundy.”
-- which is always, immediately and loudly followed by, "But the Libruls are wooooooorse!"
Hannity cried, “Every conservative that I know does not support racism, period!” He said liberals “get a pass” for this sort of thing, but made it clear unlike hypocrites on the left, “I find it repugnant no matter who it comes from.”
This will be followed by another day of pro-forma repudiation, followed by a day of radio silence and Fox News memory-zapping White Noise distractions (Benghaaaazi!  Keystone!  Fast and Furious!  IRS!...[Surprise! It's already begun.]) , after which the Strategic Forgettery that is our basic Beltway media default setting will kick back in.  Cliven Bundy will cease to exist entirely and we'll get back to Roger Ailes' employees being taken seriously as they whiiiine that Libruls are the real racists.

There are times when both sides -- when many sides -- are wrong or mistaken or damnfool.  However these are overwhelmingly outweighed by the many, many, many more times when the Right is clearly wrong and/or insane and/or actively destructive and/or acting in bad faith.

Which is why pundits and public intellectuals who use their positions of privilege and influence to deliberately cripple our ability to address national problems by reflexively responding to every Conservative atrocity with "Both Sides Do It"

are the worst people in America.


the cheese eater said...

The mouse circus isn't for inside the beltway elites. The mouse circus and the shit they serve up daily is for the country bumpkins.

The tools you PhotoShopped cleave the populous into two tribes. These tribes are the Democrats and the Republicans. On the surface, these tribes seem to have divergent and competing interests. The tools of the government and industry perpetrate this "Big Lie" to a mostly befuddled public.

For example, My homebound mother who moved from Detroit to Orlando for retirement was brainwashed by the tool set seen in your photo shop. She is now a Republican and thinks she has been one her entire life.

Yet, I grew up hearing about the wonderful FDR, the New Deal, the importance of unions and the need for a constantly rising minimum wage that reflected increases in worker productivity.

Today, I would not want to impose on anyone the insane rants she is so fond of subjecting her children to when we call. She now finds herself isolated and alone because of the bat shit crazy opinions she insists on imposing on others.

The funny thing is, her interests, the interests of her children and the interests of those she is fond of disparaging, (immigrants, "Arabs", gays, "people who don't want to work") are the same as hers but
she has been taught and now believes the "Big Lie". She knows these people are from another tribe and she wants nothing to do with them.

She identifies with billionaire corporate raiders like Mitt Romney but has no empathy for a guy who lost his furniture manufacturing job at Lay-Z-Boy. She doesn't even care if the man and his family have insurance.

Lies cover up truth. What does the Democrat/Republican tribal lie cover up? It covers up the real cleave in our society. That cleave is the insider and outsider cleave.

Bill Clinton, Both Bushes, Obama, Mitt Romney, Eric Holder, Dick Fold, Koch Brothers, the Walton family are all insiders. They all have each other's backs.

There is a club and Driftglass, my mother or anybody in my family is in it but somehow my mother thinks she is.

As the WSJ asked today," Can President Obama Save the Pacific Trade Deal"

It's not both sides, it's inside and outside:

The insider does what the insider does and he don't give a damn about how it affects the outsider.

Anonymous said...

Except, both sides do. Charlie Pierce is a liberal, but he's completely willing to jump into bed with anti government crackpot libertarians if they happen to have one view he likes that let's him grift a paycheck. He's not all that much different than Hannity, though one is a bit more of a bigot and the other a bit more of a drunk.

I don't expect you to admit that brother Pierce has faults, since I'm sure his linkage to you might get you in on the grifting, and given your economic predicament it's totally understandable that you'd insist on avoiding this nasty issue.

So both sides do, your brother does, and you when given so much as a link refuse to total your own side because hey, money.

You're a walking, talking, and blogging example of it now. Which makes your rants about Brooks and other both siders a bit... hypocritical to say the least.

Fiddlin Bill said...

Rachel Maddow last night (4/24/14) in her opening segment showed exactly how Mr. Bundy's racism is part of the fabric of his overall politics, not some newly discovered cancer that the conservatives can wring their hands in total shock and surprise about. Her fine work should be viewed again and again, for its depth and clarity. And while she generously allows the possibility that Fox simply failed to do their vetting before they jumped on the Bundy bandwagon, Jon Stewart showed the night before exactly how hypocritical Fox--Hannity--really is. The both-sides-do-it song and dance obscures the truth about Fox and the far right neo-fascism they are supporting. The progressives do not aim to overthrow the government with a surreptitiously indoctrinated army of local law inforcement. One can only hope that Fox can't manage to wriggle away from their high tech sedition by just averting their eyes for a while, and tut-tutting.

Pinkamena said...


Get help, Dennis Markuze. Or at least get lost.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh...Christine Todd Whitman just got finished agreeing with Hayes about the right's obdurate denial of the notion that human activity has something, ANYTHING to do with climate change 1:06 she suddenly and inexplicably uses the very phrase "both sides"... ("both sides are starting to do this more and more..." she sez) THEY JUST CAN'T HELP IT! (you have to toggle through some clips to find this one...

gratuitous said...

Poor anonymous. Just didn't quite have the time or space or resources to post any examples of Pierce's or Driftglass' rank both-siderism, did you? Well, maybe next time, huh?

I note in passing that while Mr. Hannity claims Mr. Bundy is suddenly "repugnant" and "despicable" to him, at least Mr. Hannity didn't pronounce himself "surprised."

Marc McKenzie said...

@the cheese eater: Please take your "both sides" pile of assburgery and shove it.

Thanks you.

the cheese eater said...

Hey Marc,
B.C. passed NAFTA (and if you are old enough and had good enough hearing you DID hear that great big sucking sound). And now, B.O. wants to solidify his legacy with TPP. Seems we are looking at an enormous, toasted, opened faced, one side shit sandwich.

Oh yea. I almost forgot... It was America's "First" Black President who signed DOMA into law in 1996.

But as you rightfully imply, "Both sides don't!!" Let all the evidence be damned. In fact, let's take the facts over to the Ministry of Truth and let them be gracefully carried on a warm current of air down the memory hole.

Your comment does nothing to disprove that "both sides do it". It's a sort of an ad hominem needling designed to make me upset or angry.

How bout this?

Think my comment is wrong on the facts? Disprove it.

Just don't like my comments? Don't read em.

the cheese eater said...

One more thing...

If I don't like it, maybe I should leave the country.

Better yet, If I don't like it, maybe I should go live at Club Gitmo!!

That'll teach me!!