Friday, January 24, 2014

There is a Club and You Are Not In It X 1,000

A very angry little boy named Matthew Continetti has written a very angry article to the effect that Liberal Nepotism is ruining America!

Why the wide world of sports do I now know the name "Matthew Continetti"?

Because Young Matthew is also the editor of the Washington Free Beacon.

And how did Young Matthew build this perch from which he now preaches against the horrors of Liberal Nepotism?

Wait for it.

Wait for it... 

From New York Magazine:

But what’s truly amazing about Continetti’s passionate screed against the nepotistic liberal elite is that it was written by Matthew Continetti, who epitomizes what the Chinese call guanxi more than either Kass or Wagner, and arguably more than any American alive.

After graduating from college, Continetti received a well-funded fellowship at the Weekly Standard financed by a wealthy organization, founded by William Simon and Irving Kristol, which is dedicated to subsidizing conservative journalists. Book editor Adam Bellow had an idea for a project, and asked Bill Kristol, Irving's son, for a name. Kristol suggested his young charge, Continetti, who was also in the process of becoming Kristol’s son-in-law (you can read the wedding notice in the New York Times). Kristol probably didn't trouble himself too much about the threat to meritocracy, having himself attained his position in life in part by being the son of Irving Kristol. Needless to say, Bellow — the son of Saul Bellow, and the author of In Praise of Nepotism — probably didn't mind, either.


Anonymous said...

Exemplars of Self-Awareness.

--Nonny Mouse

mahakal said...

The Aristocrats.

marindenver said...

It's been said before, many times. It's always projection with them and Irony squirms and rolls in her grave.

Also too, you misspelled Free Bacon. ;-)

Frank Stone said...

As with every other right-wing bete noir, nepotism is only a mortal sin when "they" do it.

Horace Boothroyd III said...

You are overlooking the obvious fact that young Continetti earned his position through hard work and intelligence. The rest is mere historical contingency.

bluicebank said...

More pot-kettle-black, an affliction I once naively believed would have withered once it was exposed in the Bush years. Now it's an industry.

You can set your watch by it. ANY incarnation of sin by the far Right will be followed quickly by the accusation that the Left is practicing it.

This WAS the initial premise upon which the both-sides-do-it was founded. Nowadays, the carnival clowns don't bother with the false premise; they simply jump to the conclusion.

t said...

Even with all the nepotism in the world, one hard working female reporter manages to get on Russian television to expound upon the ..."sophistry of the Executive branch".

This is the largest both sides shit sandwich I've seen in a long time.

Maybe DG can do some digging of his own and let us know if this O'Brien woman is a Libertarian.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Conservatives suffer from severe irony deficiency and there is no cure.

JerryB said...

Intellectual consistency is not an essential requirement for wingnut welfare.

blader said...

It seems to always boil down to self-loathing with these characters.

So here's my theory:

He probably really is a liberal in his deepest self, but the compromises he made along the way for the sake of a career as a pundit tracked him onto a conservative ideology that he actually despises but is unable to stop promoting.

Tengrain said...

The most important Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs in our nation's history, maybe ever Liz Cheney doesn't understand your point. Not at all.



Anonymous said...

I call him Matthew Incontinetti.

Anonymous said...

Republicans loathe the "pathology of multiple generations on welfare", unless it's wingnut welfare.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes these guys remind me of Powers Boothe from Sin City. They say shit like that and no one calls them out -- which is a display of power, or at least the most power they'll ever have.

--Nonny Mouse

Unknown said...

I'm going to guess Saul Bellow died of a broken heart.