Saturday, January 25, 2014

Glass Housing Sales Remain Brisk

Mr. Greenwald January 25, 2014:
Yes, any opinionating at this point regarding Mr. Snowden's motives is inherently speculative.  But as to the charge of McCarthyism, well I am old and forgetful, so maybe someone can remind me which of the victims of Tailgunner Joe's smears actually:
Mr. Greenwald continues:
On this, Mr. Greenwald and I are in complete accord: recklessly and indignantly asserting that your wild, evidence-free innuendos are true is pretty reprehensible.

But it is especially bad when journalists do it.

And it is super-especially bad when journalists who are fanatics about media accountability do it.

Right Glenn Greenwald?

Mr. Greenwald August 2, 2013
Mr. Greenwald, August, 2013: 
“[Snowden is] doing very well, he’s obviously very happy for the obvious reason that he’s not going to be subjected to the standard whistleblower treatment that the United States government gives to people, which is to put them in a cage for decades and render them incommunicado.”
Mr. Greenwald, August, 2013:  
“Well I think the concern is that whistle blowers in the United States have become the number one public enemy of the United States government, which is incredibly disturbing. McClatchy has been reporting great things about how the Obama administration equates whistleblowing with treason, with all kinds of programs. [...] Whistleblowers in the United States are put into prison for decades and basically disappeared, as we just saw with Bradley Manning…”
Mr. Greenwald, Januarry 2, 2014:  
If Edward Snowden came back to Washington, before he were...was...convicted of anything he would be "disappeared" into prison and not be allowed to speak.


Anonymous said...


the cheese eater said...

As a man of action once said, "Bag of secrets... Dude, you have no bag of secrets!"

It has been reported in HufPo that this bag of secrets was whisked away from a Target store somewhere around suburban Detroit in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

Good old reliable NSAglass.

Cirze said...

The story is constantly changing.

Anyone else noticing?

Only you, Dg.

Thanks for the reporting.

Lumpy Lang said...

Another reason you mustn't know about the ruling class, but they must know about you:

Free Chelsea Manning!
U.S. Imperialism - Hands off Assange, Snowden!

Horace Boothroyd III said...

You have captured my instinctive reaction to all this McCarthyism blather: here we have a guy who actually stole a bunch of secrets and actually fled the country. That puts Snowden in a completely different category from Irving Peress, the army dentist who was the target of the McCarthyite wing nut shitstorm based on his alleged communist sympathies.

And it is the sad lot of the decent and responsible people in this world to continue doing what needs to be done while howler monkeys on the fringes gibber and fling poo.

Keep up the good work, drifty.

The Falcon and the Snowden said...

Damn that Glenn Greenwald for keepin' a matterin' while I wallow in obscurity.
Jeebus, let it go Drifty. It's getting pathetic. You're better than this.

oaguabonita said...

OK, you presumably have a point, here. But I'm afraid you're going to have to state it explicitly, because it's otherwise indiscernible from!

the cheese eater said...

I got to look inside that bag-o-secrets being hauled around by Greenwald et al. (You remember, it's the one keeping us safe from all those terrorists who hate 'Murica.) View it in full and unredacted over at WikiLeaks.

Sadly for me, anyone who plumbs the depths of that bag will see my entire web browsing history and they'll know I watch a bunch of femdom porn where a guy gets pegged and "forced" to suck on a rather large vibrating dildo.

Horace Boothroyd III said...


Given your vanilla tastes in porn, I find it amazing that you have such a lurid imagination concerning the interests and activities of the NSA.

bluicebank said...

Never has so important a revelation about government surveillance and intrusion into privacy required an equal diversion onto a shiny object, or two.

Unfortunately we only have one journalist and one whistleblower ... oh wait, they aren't the only ones involved in blowing the lid off. But hey, they'll have to do, right?

Lumpy Lang said...

Droneglass (eloquent voice of the ruined, embittered petit-bourgeoisie) not only doesn't want YOU to know what the rulers are doing. He doesn't want HIMSELF to know.

Nostalgic illusions in the intrinsic benevolence of U.S. imperialism are all he's got left.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Much as it galls me to find myself on the same page with you, Lumpy, that's where I am. A cursory trawl of Charlie Pierce's archives will show that he's been eating our host's lunch on this subject since long before this latest morsel was slopped onto our plates. God hell, there's still a post on Charlie's front page that nails DG's hide to a ol' barn door:

The Snowden Effect, Continued

One of the more dishonorable ways
to discuss the what our all-too-human, but curiously error-prone, heroes of the NSA have been up to since we all decided to hide under the bed in 2001 is to make it all about Edward Snowden, International Man Of Luggage, and what he did, and about Glenn Greenwald, and what he did.


John K. Fitzpatrick said...

Driftglass, et al, though you might enjoy...

When Secrecy Is Necessary with Sir David Omand