Thursday, October 10, 2013

The 27%, Redux: Part One

So then this happened:
Republican Party Favorability Sinks to Record Low

Falls 10 percentage points from September's 38%
by Andrew Dugan

This article is part of an ongoing series analyzing how the government shutdown and the debate over raising the debt ceiling are affecting Americans' views of government, government leaders, political parties, the economy, and the country in general.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With the Republican-controlled House of Representatives engaged in a tense, government-shuttering budgetary standoff against a Democratic president and Senate, the Republican Party is now viewed favorably by 28% of Americans, down from 38% in September. This is the lowest favorable rating measured for either party since Gallup began asking this question in 1992.


Man that number sounds familiar.

Where oh where have I heard that number before?

Oh yeah...
Bush Job Approval at 28%, Lowest of His Administration

Only Nixon and Truman have had lower job approval ratings
by Frank Newport

PRINCETON, NJ -- President George W. Bush's job approval rating has dropped to 28%, the lowest of his administration. Bush's approval is lower than that of any president since World War II, with the exceptions of Jimmy Carter (who had a low point of 28% in 1979), and Richard Nixon and Harry Truman, who suffered ratings in the low- to mid-20% range in the last years of their administrations.
Of course as every good wingnut knows, Bush's real popularity numbers (rumored to be somewhere between 94% and Infinity) were smuggled out of the Libtard Media!...and
terrorists!...and secretly delivered into the hands of the Syrian government.

Now I'm not saying that the 28% of Americans who still think the GOP is doing a bang up job are the exact same 28% who thought Dubya was the Greatest Fucking President in American History God Damn It!  (if you are not a Conservative you will recall that "The Greatest Fucking President in American History God Damn It!",  was a trademarked phrase of the American Conservative Movement which they used approximately one million times during the Bush Presidency before deciding, in January, 2009 that they had never even heard of the George W. Bush.)

I'm just saying that to remain a Republican in these parlous times means that, at this point you have beaten yourself so senseless with the Hate Radio/Fox News Arrogant Dumbass Stick that even your ancestors up in Wingnut Valhalla are starting to lie about you being adopted.

I'm just saying that, depressingly, for all the shouting and marching and Bush Denying and tricorner hat wearing and Gadsden flag waving and other "Please, Please, Please Don't Notice That We Were All Bush Regime Dead-Enders Until About Five Minutes Ago" hoop-de-nonsense that successfully distracted the entire Beltway Gasbag Brigade for the last five years, what I wrote six-and-a-half-years ago regarding that 27% required virtually no updating to explain today's 28%:

The 27% Problem

Half Ehrlichman. Half Rove.

Part One of Three.

Left in complete darkness we will infer patterns and causalities. Left there a little longer, we will invent Gods and angels and a retinue of ritual that must be performed to keep our deities happy.

Left longer still and we’ll start killing each other over the imaginary differences among our make-believe Olympians.

Now none of that is a particularly new or revolutionary observation, but instead a reminder that, in the absence of explanation, people will invent reasons. When those reasons are untestable, we call it faith; when those reasons always reliably follow the channels cut by our prejudices or ignorance, we call it bigotry; when the reasons can be tested, confirmed, retested and reconfirmed, we call it science.

Reasons can run the gamut from “She’s just not that into you” to “Oh, I see; he’s a moron” to “Because light travels at 300,000 kps everywhere”, but they are always there.

They may not be to our liking – a failing heart valve, adultery, alcoholism and bribery, for example, have each been the reason for some of the more unhappy (or at least disquieting) events in my life – but reasons are always there. And from crossword puzzles solutions to some tangly international policy, as maddening or hard to face as the ultimate answer may be, I personally get a beat of satisfaction – almost a physical sense of “ahhhh” deep in my chest -- when the answer finally falls into place.

The darkness does not care either way.

Now consider a few plugs of journalistic chaw plucked out of the Pundit ether (emphasis added):

Ms. KAY: The other problem for Republicans is, you start criticizing the president too strongly and it can be counterproductive. Because so many people in the country still have--the majority have a reverence for the office of the president, and where as much they don't like...

GREGORY: And 75 percent of conservatives still back him.

Ms. KAY: Still support President Bush.

Ms. TUCKER: Well, yes.

Mr. STENGEL: Are you--as long as you don't criticize the office and you criticize the execution, that's fine.

Ms. KAY: Yeah. It's a fine line to walk, because if you start criticizing Bush too much, you will be seen by some Republicans as criticizing the president.

Mr. STENGEL: There are people defending the presidency. There's almost no one defending Bush.

Ms. TUCKER: Just this week, the Republican governor of Georgia was on the radio saying, `You ought to shut up about the war.' He is part of that base. The Republican presidential candidates' problem is not just the war, their biggest problem is their base. Their base still overwhelmingly supports the war, doesn't want to hear much criticism of the president. And they are--and Rudy Giuliani's problem, of course, is that they're strictly anti-abortion.


Ms. TUCKER: And they're a group of people who are impervious to the facts, just like George Bush is.
Ms. Tucker has just laid her finger directly on one of the two most important stories of our time; that a mass of the American public (27% of the population? 75% of the GOP? A horde perhaps the size of modern Germany?) aren't simply mistaken or misunderstood or misled by villainous men.

They are unfit citizens. They are Bad Americans.

They are the evil gift that keeps on giving. The residue of centuries of impacted racism, Dominionism, homophobia and assorted other spices, set ablaze to warm the electoral ambition by everyone from George Wallace to George Bush.

They are pandered to and flattered by Fox teevee and Hate Radio, and they are all gathered conspicuously together under the same political banner.

There is finally no other explanation that will bear the weight of the fact of the short, catastrophic arc of the Bush Administration and the longer, brutal malevolence of the 30 Year Long March of the Wingnut GOP.

The good men have long since fled the Party. The barely adequate men have fled the Party.

Hell, anyone who can swirl a shotglass-full of synapses and not come up with “Commie fem’nazi queers” as the punchline to every joke and the answer to every question has fled the Party.

The honest answer to the question raised by Frank Luntz – “Why do Republicans keep winning if their candidates are so shitty?” – is that the GOP base is morally subhuman at a deep and probably incurable level.

That selling fascism to brownshirts and racism to intractable bigots is like any other kind of narcotics trafficking. Like selling hillbilly heroin to Limbaugh. Users are not necessarily going to score out loud and in public, but they don't exactly need a whole lotta persuasion to get them to buy and mainline the lethal shit the Right is slinging.

Luntz’s “solution” is the most recent GOP Talking Point being handed around the Conservative Pundit glory holes as eagerly as Hillary snuff porn anime: That Liberals need to stop being so “angry”.

When your party is led by outright lunatics and liars, traitors and thieves…

When after thirty years your base can only take nourishment suckling on the poison that oozes from Cheney’s bile sacs, Coulter’s fangs, Hannity’s tongue, O’Reilly’s wheezing pores, Falwell’s ingrown soul…

When your official cult house organs have been spewing raw hatred into the noosphere for thirty years…

...and your advice is that the other side who have finally had it with playing nice with these moral locusts are” too angry”?

It boggles the mind.

But then again, Luntz isn’t stupid; he knows perfectly well that he serves evil. He simply doesn't care. Selling out his country is a good buck, and as an obedient whore he will form his mouth to say whatever it is his paymasters wish him to say.

However this is the problem:

What do you do when 1/4 of the people in your country are the enemy of your country?

We cannot be a United State when 1/4 of the nation does not believe in Uniting. When they believe only in capitulation and conquest?

When their point-of-view – their superstitious, eliminationist, Hate Radio-barbered point-of-view – is impervious to reason, compassion or mercy,

Because while they may not possess the basic cognitive and empathic functions the Good Lord saw fit to endow flatworms with, they do stomp and scream and vote, and it is high time – long past time – to start speaking of the 27% that props up the GOP as The Problem.

A Problem every bit as destructive as global warming, and that requires every bit as much of a sea-change in attitude and a generational perspective.

End Part One of Three
Maybe I'll post the other two parts of this Award Ready Series later in the day.

(Yes, I used to write multi-part series.  But since the ROI on writing anything at all has dropped to negligible, it started feeling like indulgent folly.)


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