Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

You know it's Sunday when race-baiting grifter and serial adulterer Newton Leroy Gingrich gets invited onto the nation's airwaves for the millionth time to impugn someone else's honor.
GINGRICH: This is just such Washington nonsense. You look at what Democrats did to Clarence Thomas. You look at what Democrats did to Judge Bork, you look at the three months that John Tower was hung out to dry by the Senate this is...

KARL: Well, you're not endorsing that behavior, though.

GINGRICH: No, but I'm saying to in this brand-new standard no matter how stupid Chuck Hagel is, no matter how bad his performance, no matter how much he keeps in secret, we all know he is an honorable man. How do we know that?
And dyspeptic old husk John McCain  gets invited onto the nation's airwaves for the millionth time to rave about conspiracies and massive cover-ups
and strawberries and mess boys and ge-o-metric logic.
You know it's Sunday when all of this bookends wingnut B-list shamblers like professional Republican dry-heave Alex Castellanos and serial political failure and Destroyer of Companies Carly Fiorina talking about the cool, catchy stuff that all the kids 'r into.

Like "Both Sides"!
And the-- but-- but-- and remember, this was not Obama coming up with sequestration, this was Obama being forced into a corner by Republicans on a completely fraudulent notion of the debt ceiling and this was his reaction to that in order to move onto--

I'm willing to stipulate--


--both parties--
And how things are all goofy because the President lacks the "leadership" to, uh, do...what he has already done?  

Or something?
I have to just say, talking about leadership, this is a president who is not afraid to use his power. He is not afraid to issue executive orders when he sees fit. I find it stunning, truly, that this president and the Democratic party continues to lay all the blame for their failure to achieve anything at the feet of the tea party or Ted Cruz or whoever the latest villain is. The truth is, this man is the President of the United States. He could get immigration reform, as one example, tomorrow. If he would step forward and say, "I applaud and salute the gang of eight's proposal. Let's move forward and go beyond that-- 
He-- of course he did that in the State of the Union...
From Charles P. Pierce, who works this same corner:

Later, they rolled out the Political Super Duper Panel, which included N. Leroy Gingrich, Definer of civilization's rules and Leader (perhaps) of the civilizing forces, as well as the Washington Post's Ruth Marcus, scourge of potty-mouths everywhere. Both played their roles to perfection. Gingrich pretended he was smarter than every other human, and Marcus pretended she was a 200-year old nun. 
It doesn't matter whose idea it was, what matters is the unthinkable is now inevitable. I'm going to give you my modest proposal for the sequester, which is we should take the relevant members of congress and the administration, put them on that stinky cruise ship and send them back out there.      
The "stinky cruise ship"! Oh, my stars. Ruth is working blue! She is vexed and ratty -- Two! Three! -- over the way politics is being so...well...political that the necessary work of starving grannies is being delayed...
Because like Casablanca's "letters of transit" The Gingrich Rules "cannot be rescinded -- not even questioned."

Stirring the dead ashes of what used to be our national media, I have no illusion that anything can be done to stop programs like "Meet the Press" from being the fetid, Beltway wallows they are clearly designed to be. 

They do not listen of us.  They do not care about us.  They are well-provisioned behind massive walls made of solid money, and if the full weight of the colossal and  bloody failures of the Bush Administration at the peak of its awfulness combined with the concentrated pushback of the Liberal blogosphere barely creased their defenses, 

I'll bet you a penny and a fiddle of gold nothing we say or do now is likely to have any effect on their behavior.

They got away with it, and they are never going to let themselves come that close to being forced to pay for their frauds and follies again.  And so what remains for the raggedy outsider is to document the atrocities and hope that someone somewhere down the timeline -- A month from now?  A year?  A decade? -- will remember these sad years as they truly were and not as Tom Brokaw and Tom Friedman wish them to be.

However, for the raggedy outsider there is still at least micron of cold amusement to be found watching the hurt/shocked/Lassie-bites-Timmy look on David Gregory's fiz as the zombified remains of John McCain sank his teeth into Gregory's leg.


Anonymous said...

I think they just need to piss off the wrong person in power to change things. Right now Obama gags himself to be fair and balance, so he's the perfect punching bag.

After 8 years of having their own guy in power, of course some republicans are inching to unload on someone.

Sadly we don't live in a world where the dems don't feel it's appropriate to try and shame an entire political party for being hypocrites, incompetent, or crazy.

Republicans are Crazy and Democrats are enablers. The media just get a choice on which side it will take without any consequence

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

as well as the Washington Post's Ruth Marcus, scourge of potty-mouths everywhere.

And key team member on the "Both Sides Do It" franchise.

monoceros4 said...

Why the fuck should anyone give the slightest heed to the opinion of Carly Fiorina? "Hi, I mismanaged Hewlett-Packard into the ground. That makes me an expert on domestic affairs."