Monday, November 05, 2012

Hilariously Idiotic Shit Conservative Hatchlings Say

Justin Green -- one of the little wingnut whelplings over at "The Daily Beast" that David Frum periodically decants and inflicts on his readers -- defending his endorsement from Andrew Sullivan's observation that it was, y'know, stoopid:
The GOP won't return to a degree of normalcy until its most extreme members are slowly defeated. That won't happen until voters are confronted with the reality of the decisions their representatives make.

So if they want hostages, give 'em to them. I'm sorry if [Andrew Sullivan] Sullivan thinks that's overly cynical, but it's about the best way I can think of to force Republicans to deal with the consequences of their extremism.
First, one of the problems with being 11-years-old and Conservative (as Mr. Green appears to be) is that its rill, rill easy not to notice that we already live chin-deep in the consequences of decades of terrible Republican decision and so far there is no sign that the Pig People have any plans to grow opposable thumbs and climb down out to the Stupid Tree.

Second, if the GOP could be quarantined far, far away from the rest of us civilized folk, then fine; let 'em commit suicide in any fashion that suits their tastes.  But the consequences of their terrible decisions ruin other people's live -- and they take a terrible kind of delight in this fact -- so no, Mr. Green, we're not going to let people like you continue to slap a "Kick Me!" sign on Western Civilization and hope that eventually the swine mob gets fed up with of fucking up everything they touch.

Third, the last time these fuckers got this intractably attached to Very Bad Ideas, it took the entire Union Army and four years of bloody civil war to make them do otherwise, so again, not exactly a great track record of climbing down out to the Stupid Tree without a bayonette at their backs.

And so, fourth, fuck you Mr. Green:  we here on the righteous side of The Enlightenment are quite finished with paying for the same goddamn ground twice.


steeve said...

There is one response that kills any idea a conservative has ever or will ever have.

"We already tried that and it didn't work."

There isn't even a need to hear what the idea is. The response is universal.

blackdaug said...

That's true:
Modern conservatism is a tribute to man's stubborn refusal to learn from his mistakes. It is societies "short term memory" affliction.
In reality, it is a disease that if not conquered will doom us all.

Anonymous said...


""We already tried that and it didn't work.""

Sorry, I've tried that several times over the last several years, and it doesn't work.

The response is always either:

1) No we didn't. You're wrong. Your sources are liberal. LA LA LA LA!


2) The plan was actually sabotaged by liberal / democrats / Illuminati / Militant Homosexual Hippy Jewish Mexican Intellectual Elitists.

I have seen the delusion first hand among co-workers and neighbors, and it is staggering. Driftglass said it perfectly when he said they create themselves a history of lies in which they are always the tragic and tormented protagonist.


Fiddlin' Bill said...

Historically speaking, the biggest stupid mistake of the last coupla hundred years is probably Germany voting in Hitler. It took a deus ex machina to repair that horrific mistake--the people themselves were unable and or unwilling to fix the problem. Mr. Green is still operating in the same Tea Party mindset as the rest of the fools.

P J said...

Just remember that these lying rat bastards will never give up. Even when we drive a stake into their hearts and bury them to the core of the earth, they continue to rise again under a different brand to terrorize the next innocent generation with another round of radical ideas.

Batocchio said...

David Brooks, David Frum, Romney himself and several Villagers have made this same pitch. It's hostage taking, it's unconscionable, and notice how it lets conservatives completely off the hook for sabotage.

The obvious solution for these very principled conservatives ia to loudly denounce and work to destroy (or reform) the conservative movement and the Republican Party, but they don't have the courage or integrity to do that. As always, they expect the liberals and the flawed-but-still-useful Democratic Party to be the adults so that they can continue acting like children.

LanceThruster said...

Regarding the mentality of the Civil War and the lengths that were gone to in order to restore the Union, I offer you Gen. Sherman.

This war differs from other wars, in this particular. We are not fighting armies but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war. ~ William Tecumseh Sherman

That Pedantic Guy said...

Pedantic answer to Fiddlin Bill - the Germans didn't elect Hitler. He lost the election, and was eventually appointed Chancellor by President Hindenberg.

DeistPaladin said...


It's impossible for a group to face reality that their ideas didn't work when they insist on living in an alternate reality from everyone else in the first place.

The 8 years of W Bush should have been the perfect test of conservative ideas. Everything (except their scheme to privatize Social Security) was handed to them on a silver platter. The miserable unmitigated failure, from the collapse of the economy to the disaster of the Iraq War, should have been enough to convince any rational conservative that their ideas didn't work without anyone else telling them.

At this point, those who continue to cling to the failed GOP policies, from trickle down to the Bush doctrine, have demonstrated themselves impervious to reasoned arguments and should be written off as unreachable.

I would love to be proven wrong about this and hope that I'm just being cynical.