Sunday, May 26, 2024

Nikki and the Football




You'd think the Never Trumper professional havers-of-opinions woulda learned by now to just shaddap and listen to those awful Liberals who have been right about the Right all along.

But no.  

Instead they go right on tossing out mulligans and "benefits of the doubt" to underserving Republican slugs as if they were plastic beads and doubloons at a Mardi Gras parade that never ends..  

Burn The Lifeboats!


Jon Sitzman said...

If Sununu's return to the fold didn't convince 'em, nothing can or will.

Thanks for all you do, DG and BG.

Robt said...

I just returned from some camping out. No media, just natural sounds of animals, the wind and rushing water going down stream.
On return, It is Trump this, Trump said that, Trump did something, Trump's lawyers this, his paid Gools are doing this. Trump, Trial, Trump deliberations, Trump is being ramrodded. The greatest strongest man in history is being ramrodded? How can that be.
He is swallowing up all the media like he did before.
Sure it is media about his poor behavior and actions.
It is how he rolls.
Drowning out everything else in news around the entire world. At least here in America.

And then the media asks itself, Why doesn't people realize the economy is doing well, Unemployment down, etc., etc.

My favorite; Why doesn't Biden promote and sell all he accomplishments of getting America in shape?????

So it is Gidden's fault so many believe things are bad except Biden is not a News Network. I do know they hyped and overblew each Trump statement of greatness because he hust said it with no facts. I did notice the tax cuts of Trump didn't get the attention it should have and the media did not try to report on those corporations that no longer had to pay federal taxes anymore and how much it has financially cost America.
It seems all the media is looking for ratings and clicks in which Paparazzi does to sell their schtick of info that doesn't educate you at all. You know, to be a dutiful citizen and be educated enough o make sound reasoned decisions like when we vote.

dinthebeast said...

Now the damn fool has written "finish them" on a goddamn Israeli artillery shell. Guess she was jealous of all the attention Kristi Noem was getting.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Nick Jr. said...

The ONLY thing Trump supporters will remember is that she DARED to run against Dear Leader. The ONLY thing the rest of us will remember is that she folded like a cheap accordion and ultimately backed Trump while lying her ass off about Biden. Nikki has managed to stand for nothing, fall for everything, and alienate ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE!!