Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tom Dunsel*, The New York Times' Fifth Emergency Backup "Both Sides Do It" Guy.

Because the Times never wants to risk running out of Both Sides Do It guys.

Here's the headline.

Breaking:  New York Times Columnist Tom Edsall Dunsel thinks Both Sides are pretty bad. 

The Politics of Delusion Have Taken Hold

By Thomas B. Edsall

There are very real — and substantial — policy differences separating the Democratic and Republican Parties. At the same time, what scholars variously describe as misperception and even delusion is driving up the intensity of contemporary partisan hostility...

It goes on like that.

For  +3,000 words.  

And nowhere in that vast quagmire of Sulzberger-family underwritten idiocy and Beltway-Bell Jar myopia is there a single mention of Fox News or Newsmax.   

And no mention of Hate Radio.  

No mention that 11 million more bigots and imbeciles came slouching out of the sewers to vote for Trump after they lived through four years of Trump depravity, lies and treason.  

No mention of January 6th. 

No mention that the Obama administration has already provided the world with a nearly-perfect experiment in what would happen if Democrats nominated and elected the a calm, rational, open-handed Centrist candidate who might as well have been built in David Brooks' basement Both Siderist lab using plans passed down by David Broder.

No mention of the eight year racist primal scream that was the reaction from the Republican base to the existence of the Obama administration.

No mention of the eight years of obstruction, sabotage, sedition, Birtherism and [checks notes] the theft of a Supreme Court seat that was the reaction from the leaders of the Republican party to the existence of the Obama administration.

No mention that the nomination and election of Donald Trump was nothing less than the Republicans hysterical, racist backlash against eight years of a black man in the White House.

And, with the exception of two brief mentions of Donald Trump, Dunsel shows virtually no awareness that Donald Trump was ever president, or what that event should tell any sentient human [except for certain doddering mopes who write ridiculous, mildewed op-ed columns for major American newspapers]  about the true state of the GOP.

Instead, in the very last paragraph of this slab of elite media Cheez Whiz embalming fluid, we get:

The embodiment of delusional politics is, of course, Donald Trump, with his false, indeed fraudulent, claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him. The continuing willingness of a majority of Republican voters to tolerate this delusion reflects the difficulty facing the nation as it struggles to restore sanity to American politics — if it’s not too late.

Step one in restoring sanity to American politics?  Purge the media of useless gleeps like Tom Dunsel.


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