Wednesday, March 22, 2023

What Your Never Trump Allies Talk About When You're Not Paying Attention


The following is an exchange between Mona Charen (who, once a week, manages to tamp down her seething contempt for the Left just long enough for Chris Hayes put her in the MSNBC spotlight)  and Bill Galston (one of The Bulwark's token, housebroken "Liberals".)

It has all the things that one can now expect from Never Trump media.  The mandatory "Liberal outrage of the week" in which an anecdote [Stanford students protesting a Federalist troll who was brought on-campus by Federalist student trolls for the expressed purpose of trolling] is inflated into a raging epidemic.  Both Siderism.  And, of course, a tame, in-house "Liberal" validator.

Charen: Yeah this keeps happening, Bill [Galston].  The law school's Dean did later  apologize to judge Duncan. though I don't think she apologized to the Federalist Society students who probably deserved an apology as well since it was their event.  And intolerance of dissent is very much present on both sides! I mean we have seen, y'know Ron DeSantis attempting to pass laws saying that you cannot discuss certain things in universities in Florida.  That...that's being challenged as unconstitutional, which it plainly is.  So there is a threat.  

Now some people say, well, look yeah you can have some bad behavior by students and by people and on Twitter -- though, Bill, I know you're not on Twitter -- but y'know that's not the same.  It's much worse when it comes from the state because the  state is more powerful.  Do you agree with that argument?

Galston:  Uh the state shouldn't be using its power to suppress speech, but neither should the students.  And if I look at the prospects of long-term harm to the system, I'm not prepared to downplay the significance of what's going on at premier institutions of higher learning around the country.  

The students are a problem, but the administrators are the real problem.  If there were administrators with spines who are prepared to articulate the principles on which universities stand or fall and certainly law schools stand or fall we wouldn't be having this epidemic...

There is a whole, not-so-sotto "Fuck those fucking Liberals" sotto voce thing that goes on in Never Trump media every day.  And I honestly wouldn't care about any of these creatures any more than I care about what poisonous claptrap oozes out of the Daily Wire or Newsmax on any given day, were it not for the fact that these same people are treated as long-lost lodge brothers -- savvy allies who deserve deference and respect -- every day on what little is left of the "Liberal" media.

Of all the millions issues to choose from out there in the swirling chaos of American politics and culture. what does David French (The NYT's third auxiliary straight, while, privileged Conservative op-ed columnist) clock as the one issue so important that he needed to use his priceless NYT real estate to hobbyhorse it?

Free Speech Doesn’t Mean Free Rein to Shout Down Others

By David French

If you pay any attention to legal news at all, you’re familiar with the Stanford Law School shout-down. The story is simple and disturbing...

If they want to hang onto their True Conservative cred by keeping all of one foot and most of the other firmly planted in ruins of a movement in which they prospered since they were wee Reagan hatchlings, that's fine.  Let 'em.   But now that they've been run out of Conservative, Inc. and have been permitted to colonize MSNBC, just once I'd like to see one MSNBC host turn and ask them why they're still trafficking in exactly same corrosive, overwrought bullshit as the Daily Wire --

Stanford Law Sides With Howling Mob Of Spoiled Brats In Shameful Treatment Of Federal Judge

and Newsmax:

Corrosive Miasma Erodes American Speech, Culture


Never Trust a Never Trumper


Robt said...

Never Trumpers main concern is the visuals of Trump that gets flung back on them.

How did they put it? I disagree with his crude and rude but I agree with his policies?

Like his racism, Immigrant child kidnapping, selling America to Putin. Stacking a SCOTUS with Federalist Zealots that only care to serve what the wealthy demand.

Impeach Clinton for consensual sex between two adults. Stop the Deep State liberal cabal from hounding Trump for paying a porn star for sex and to shut up about it and using illegal business finance to pay and write it off on his taxes.

And this is but one pf those Trump policies.

Cheez Whiz said...

I can't decide whether Never-Trumpers are simply grifting the media and more gullible liberals or they actually think this is a plan for taking back control of the Republican Party.

Davis said...

I keep reading about school teachers and librarians getting disciplined and even fired for various transgressions. But then again they're nobodies so they are under the radar. The only "victims" they care about are well-off, mostly white, people.

dave said...

trumpers and never trumpers have way more convergence than differences....lindsey graham was on The Daily Show w franken as host and said he was quite happy with trump's accomplishments...graham is the perfect example as he has been a never trumper and a trump fluffer depending on the time of day, the direction of the wind...

important to remember that the goals of trump and the never trumpers are exactly the same...greed. the never trumpers are just the 32 flavor, rotated out of the choice of scoops...for now. they want back in the panoply of relevance...STAT!

and we poor suckers are their best hope...