Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Ep 701 No Fair Remembering Stuff Podcast: In Days of Old When Blogs Were Bold... Last Part

"If you’re playing a poker game and you look around the table and can’t tell who the sucker is, it’s you" -- Paul Newman

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Jon Sitzman said...

Well, this old redneck is damned glad that you OG bloggers are still there, plugging away with no intention of stopping.

Your words aren't flying off into an uncaring void, unheard. I firmly believe there will be a larger, broader audience. Unfortunately that may be generations away - but I believe it's coming.

Thanks for all you do.

Robt said...

I remember all the logs in flames during the GW Bush torture is cool debate.

While the FOX aired host boasting how great it was and Hannity making a promise to be waterboarded on camera to show how not torture it was. Knowing he would never put himself in a position to be force to tell a truth.

Then their were the other networks that could only wrestle uncomfortably is waterboarding was worth it and besides, that low level lawyer in the white house wrote a memo as ordered that it is legal.
Torture was a argument to make on. Me, I liked being on the side of Not Torturing people.

Otherwise, I would be calling for Trump to be brought in and waterboarded to get the truth out of him . GOP said it was okay, Hannity said it didn't harm anyone, and the TEA party felt the GOP has to do what it wants for the truth or even for the lie, just to make it stop.

So where are the waterboarding freaks now ?

Marc McKenzie said...

This was the best episode of "No Fair Remembering Stuff" to date.

It also brought back a lot of bad memories, but that's not your fault, DG and BG.

I wonder what happened to Jane Hamsher. We all know where Glenn has ended up, but we also see echoes of the "Dirtbag Left" with those "Leftists" who are defending Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

dinthebeast said...

Not too long after Fergus was elected, Melissa Harris Perry recorded a video, from a living room, where she talked with some other smart women about why she wasn't surprised that Fergus had won: "White women still vote their race over their gender." she said.
Again and again whenever I see someone on a video of a TV program who impresses me and seems kinda familiar, I remember where I had seen them before: Melissa Harris Perry's show.

-Doug in Sugar Pine