Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Instead of Viagra...

...David Brooks mainlines shit like this.

And so, just for fun, I'm gonna add a little bit from something I wrote all the way back in 2007 about the actual Republican monsters waiting out there in the actual American Heartland for anyone who cares to leave David Brooks' fantasy-land go looking for them:
David Brooks’ runty, privileged, gated-community self-image could not bear up for one second if he were ever obliged to lock eyes in the clear, noon light with the vast, greasy army of bigots and madmen to whom he offers pastel-toned cover-fire from the good, gray pages of the New York Times.

And yet all around him he sees the Conservative Revolution evaporating not from external threats or Dirty Hippy sappers inside his perimeter, but in a toxic cloud of wholly internal corruption, incompetence, delusion, fascism, demagoguery, racism, homophobia and a slimy and hateful perversion of genuine Christianity.

There is, in the end, no one to blame for the ruin and failure that Conservatives have left in their wake but that army of bigots and lunatics who have always been at the core of the Modern Conservative movement.

And they won’t even go decently into hiding so that men like Bobo can plausibly pretend they don’t exist!

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Robt said...

Conservative /republican senators need to take note of their alike counter parts in the Russian DOMA.

Putin had them all resign. Just not needed anymore. MAGA Putin knows the best people and has the best ideas.
This is McConnell/s future for them.

GOPers believe as they do with Climate change, God won't let the Earth become uninhabitable.
Nor God will allow the need for republicans in government. Even a dictator they feel will need a bobble head congress. You know, to give the little people the fantasy of having a government for and by the people.

Brooks, well he doesn't think the zombie hordes will ever get through hthe gates.

Zak44 said...

Our Mr. Brooks is not ignorant of history. So he must be willfully forgetting that the nation was founded upon the vision of a cabal of coastal elites, not the sturdy yeomen of his imagination. If it hadn't been for the federal government clearing the ground of the people who already lived there, there would be no "American heartland" at all.

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