Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Impeachment Day

Rosencrantz:  So today is Impeachment Day, eh?

Guildenstern:  Indeed it is.  Indeed it is.

Rosencrantz: And how many impeachable thingies did President Stupid commit?

Guildenstern:  I figure about thirty.

Rosencrantz:  Really?  That sounds like a lot.

Guildenstern:  Thirty.  And that's being conservative.  Well, not "conservative" conservative.  In America now that word just means "fascist".  But the older meaning.  "Marked by moderation or caution."

Rosencrantz:  So that's what "conservative" means?  Wow.

Guildenstern:  Wow indeed.  One may even say "wowie zowie".

Rosencrantz:  So  President Stupid is being charged with thirty impeachable offenses.

Guildenstern:  Oh god no.

Rosencrantz:  But you said...

Guildenstern:  I said he can committed around thirty impeachable offenses, not that he was being charged with thirty.

Rosencrantz:  So some of them are iffy? Marginal?

Guildenstern:  Oh goodness no.  They're clear as day.  Open and shut.

Rosencrantz:  So if he did all thirty why aren't they charging him with all thirty?

Guildenstern:  Democrats are charging him commensurate with what they believe to be the American public's ability to understand those charges.

Rosencrantz:  Which means they're hitting him with what?  Twenty charges?  Fifteen?

Guildenstern:  Two.

Rosencrantz (pause):  How many?

Guildenstern:  Two.

Rosencrantz:  Two?

Guildenstern:  Yes.

Rosencrantz:  Two fucking charges?  Out of thirty?

Guildenstern:  Yes.

Rosencrantz:  May I ask a very obvious question?

Guildenstern:  Why stop now?

Rosencrantz:  Why?  And why?  And why?

Guildenstern:  It's because the American public are dum-dums.

Rosencrantz:  Really?

Guildenstern:  Well, no.  That's not entirely fair.  A third of the American public have, in fact, been paying pretty close attention to the crimes of President Stupid.

Rosencrantz:  And the rest?

Guildenstern:  Well another third have been fairly described as "reprogrammable meatbags" in the thrall of a well-funded domestic terrorist and propaganda network called the Republican Party.  Their dearest wish it to have President Stupid seize power and declare himself Maximum Leader for Life.

Rosencrantz:  And the other third?

Guildenstern:  Those are the dum-dums who can't be bothered to figure out who's right or ever which side thinks what.

Rosencrantz:  Sounds pretty grim.

Guildenstern:  It is.

Rosencrantz:  And so the third that understands the scope of President Stupid's crimes have stripped the charges way, way down so that even the dum-dums can understand them?

Guildenstern:  That's the general idea.

Rosencrantz:  Reduced them from thirty ... to two?

Guildenstern:  Yep.


Guildenstern:  Sheeeet indeed.

Rosencrantz:  Well, I suppose the one upside is now that impeachment has been dumbed down enough so even the dum-dums can understand it, President Stupid is as good as booted out of office.

Guildenstern:  Oh heavens no!

Rosencrantz:  What do you mean "no"?

Guildenstern:  I mean "no".  I mean the Senate -- the legislative body which decides whether or not to remove a president if that president is impeached by the House -- is firmly in the hands of those  reprogrammable meatbags.  And because of that, President Stupid will never be removed from office by impeachment.

Rosencrantz: Then why in the name of ginger beer and the Risen Prometheus bother knock down the number of charges from thirty or fifty or a million to two?

Guildenstern:  I dunno.  Something to do with bringing "the public" along I guess?

Rosencrantz: The public?

Guildenstern:  The dum-dums.

Rosencrantz: Ah.  So the dum-dums get to vote on this?

Guildenstern:  Not at all.  And even of they did, the dum-dums rarely vote anyway.  Except for "Dancing with the Stars" and stuff like that.

Rosencrantz: So there is no chance whatsoever that President Stupid will be removed from office?

Guildenstern:  None.

Rosencrantz: But the Democrats are doing it anyway?

Guildenstern:  Right.

Rosencrantz: Because...?

Long pause.

Guildenstern:  Oh, were you finished?  I thought you were about to theorize.

Rosencrantz: No.  I left it hanging out there out of incredulity hoping you would leap into the gap and explain why they are fighting so hard for this lost cause.

Guildenstern: Ah.

Long pause.

Guildenstern: Have you ever had a dear friend pass away?  Or member of your family?  Not struck down suddenly, but taken by something gradual.  Inevitably.

Rosencrantz: You know I have.

Guildenstern (smiling gently):  Yes, I know you have.  And when it was clear they were dying and that nothing could be done, did you visit them anyway?  Comfort them as best you knew how?  Hold their hand?

Rosencrantz: Of course.  Of course.

Guildenstern: Well, maybe this is a little like that. Maybe this is one of those times when human decency demands that we do what we can just because it's the right thing to do.

Rosencrantz (nodding): Even though the cause is lost.

Guildenstern (nodding): Especially because the cause is lost.

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Batocchio said...

A Hamlet quotation for liberal blogging: "There's rosemary; that's for remembrance."

XtopherSD said...

(Been noting this here and there because I think it would be an awesome hardball move by Pelosi...)

Saw a post on Digby's blog a week or two ago where someone caught a letter to the editor from the New York Times (couldn't find the link). The writer suggested that, since the Senate isn't likely to convict and in all probability will make a circus of the whole things, Pelosi should have the articles of impeachment be voted on and *passed* in the house. Then she should pull a McConnell and say "the House has spoken and since we are so close to an election, I feel it should be up to the voters to decide Mr. Trump's fate. Majority leader McConnell felt very strongly about the voice of the voters close to an election in the matter of Supreme Court justice nominee Garland. I feel the same here".

The more I think about this, the more I love it. It would leave Trump twisting in the wind - impeached (and hounded with that fact in every ad) but not able to "exonerate" himself. He'd have to argue "the people don't get a vote".

XtopherSD said...

Oh, one more thing to add to the "Pelosi should not send impeachment to Senate"... She can also say "with over 400 bills sent from the house to the Senate still waiting for any sort of action, it would be irresponsible to saddle the Senate with a time costly impeachment trial until they are able to clear more of the people's work from their agenda." :-)

Kelly in Texas said...

Well to be fair, old Moscow Mitch HAS been clearing federal judges at a breakneck speed. Perhaps he's too busy with that to bother with all that socialist stuff sent over from the House.

Robt said...

New and old meanings

As Lisa Paige and Strozk were lovers because the Deep State brought them together to have sex to bring down Trump and treat him so very unfairly.

While Trump paying a porn star for sex while his 3rd vife was in child bearing stage. Well that is a successful businessman.

Back further,
Newt and Livingston or even pedophilia Hastert sex need not be bothered with because they were in the midst of impeaching a president (democratic one) for having consensual sex out of wedlock.
Not is it only republicans can legislate ONly, only republicans of God's religious can have sex out of wedlock.

You see, when impeachment comes up by Democrats they are out of line and it is all partisan hate.
Nothing to do with a president abusing his power and happens to be a republican.

Of course, the mainstream media won't tell us these rules. And ever since they, )them, tose) took prayer out of schools (last I saw parochial schools are allowed and public schools students may take their own time and go pray),
But ever since, is the republican blame excuse for their own poor behavior.

If the rules are not set down for all to see.
The GOP motto that rules are made to be broken, might cause confusion.

Robt said...

And another thing

With impeachment articles heading for the Senate.

My republican senators who constantly espouse their religious faith from abortions to tax cuts.
In their duty as jurists, who have God.

They will be able to lie and misinform their actions on the matter to the party zombies.

There will be republicans who know they aren't truthful or faithful to the constitutional rigors. But will partisanly demand those HRC emails are the culprip of Satan.

Then there will be those, who read the Mueller report. Watched the hearing and painstakenly listened to all the noise poured ovr the gacts and truth. Who will know better when lied to about it.

Now Sen Sasse, (Benny) is one religious right winger. All those confirmed judges are to abort/ abortions. Everyone.
Except for ex GOP finance chair Elliot Broidy's or other wealthy GOP individuals who have the elite Godly priviledge to decide for themselves. You know, Rich people are entitled to forcing their mistresses to abort them bastards. Can't have bastards asking for their rightful inheritance.
Sasse actually wrote in the paper about a year ago stating, " All of our duty is to pray for Trump and the country. Hinting Trump's harm caused.
As if serving in the military and fighting a war still makes me a mooching citizen who needs to give to the country. That he decided my duty to pray for the country is demanded of me as an Agnostic leaning Atheist.

Silly me, considering election congressmen with representative power and congressional votes to do right for the country was expected. No, he did not add pray for him too.
He might have well have.

So you can serve, fight in war to defend the constitution and this country, you can pay your congress's salary and health care (even if you cannot afford health care for yourself). You can take time to be informed and make educated voting decisions for people to perform their duty. Their number one duty. Uopholding their oath of office.
But the party leaders say... My donors want... My ideological ends defy the means...

There are many who if they knew their risk of life fighting for them to become no different than Putin's Russian DOMA. Putting our lives at risk voluntarily might not have taken place.
And for all of this, Right wingers running around packing heat behind their hateful trigger fingers and their loud mouths of boasting their rein of some sort of bad ass miitary style assaault on me for disagreeing with Putin's Russian DOMA.
That, is my thanks for my serive and sacrifice these Veteran lovers claim.

Just for the record, not one of them ask or demand to see those beautiful love letter Kim Jong Un sent Trump. Not a one.

Could these love letter be just like the love texts between Lisa Paige and Strzok? That Trump laments so gallantly and religiously of.?

Perhaps the love exchanges between the porn star and Trump?

Think my religious right senator of more faith and closer to God than thoy will hold false witness to me on Articles of impeachment in front of his God's all seeing eyes?

Will he rationalize that his GOD, allows the most faithful to bear false witness because they and they alone. Are more GOD like than the rest of us and therefore God gives them the privileged to lie unto others.

Didn't Jesus lie when he said, "Give someone a fish to eat and feed them for a day or teach someone how to fish and it will feed them forever"

But don't help them get a fishing pole and tackle. Do not bother protecting the wildlife and its habitats as Fish to be there to fish UT and eat forever.

Sen. Sasse is a news paper article town hall type of guy. Talks at you never to or with you. But if your this or a that conservative, nothing matters except punishing others that aren't republican.
You have to have an enemy and punish it with your small UN- intrusive small government.