Friday, November 03, 2017

David Brooks Talks To America's Kids About Sexytime

Because who better?

From American's Most Ubiquitous Conservative Public Intellectual today:
The world seems full of sexual predators these days. But I don’t think good men wake up one morning and suddenly start thrusting their tongue down the throats of women they barely know. You’ve got to walk through a certain number of doors before you’re capable of that kind of behavior...

We’ll call this the room of love...

In this regime, sex is special...

So a lot of men cross the threshold and enter another room, the room of the prospector...

In this room sex is a gold nugget, a pleasure, like any other pleasure, except maybe it’s better and the desire for it is stronger...
Then the obligatory glob of Both Siderist lube, without which Mr. Brooks would not be able to finish this exercise in autoidiotic asphyxiation:
In the political world, for example, partisans of left and right rationalize their support for Bill Clinton or Donald Trump...
Then, this creepy exercise hits its 800 word limits and draws to a merciful close:
Finally, one core problem is the collapse of the first room, the room of love...
Shorter David Brooks:  Casual sex (translation: The 1960s and the Dirty Hippies) puts you a hop-skip-and-jump away from sexual predation.

Aaaaaand we're done.

Next up:  Can I manage a Silkwood shower while at the same time drinking everything that's left in the liquor cabinet.

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Professor Fate said...

This from the man who ditched his wife for the young assistant.

Robt said...

DG, You are looking at this all wrong.

DFB in conservo-world. He is the most highly qualified to perform such a aspiring moral bar as the set point.

Who else besides Newt'er to lead impeachment of Bill Clinton for having broken sacrament of having consensual sex out of wedlock?
I ask you, who better morally superior than the Newt at the time? Denny hastert? Perhaps Billo?
Why not DFB as the GOP's voice of GOD illuminating coal fired purity light of no crime as our hollowed Sec. of Dept of Energy has recently discovered in the Ancient Dead wig scrolls.

In that "room of love", at the Moonlight Ranch. there is no rape because the lights are powered by coal fired power plants.
And Sec. Rick Perry of Energy Dept. is confirmed by congress as the authority on the subject. Sort of like DFB.
Perry with a bachelors degree in animal anatomy, a certificate of Bible study completion from his church and the extensive experience in taking oeders from the oil industry titans. Makes him the authority on nuclear energy without any physics or nuclear backgrounds what so ever.

Hannity is one of the presidents best advisers as Bannon, Putin.
If you or I were only smart enough to murder our brain cells enough to be a chosen Oracle of dementia and the power of bi polar-ism. We too could be so corrupt to cross over into the plain of the Conservo-world where we would be self admired beyond our dreams. Admired by our own selves to offer the poor futile ignorant masses of Libtard disgusting worlds of crime we are told we perpetrate.

You see, there is hope and opportunity in American Conservo-world.

As in the House Budget blueprint,
Chuches (religions) shall have complete tax exeption when it comes to God will of healing souls and supporting GOP politics.

Father Sarducci would prosper in this world even though souls would not.

But that "room of Love" might be compared to the deep affection from the man in the 13 floor that gave his love so selflessly to the crowd at the concert in Las Vegas.
Because love means never having to speak about it or resolving it. Love means thoughts and prays go out to those who heat it.

In conservo-world state of mind has limiting powers of seeing the outside. Which could be construed in essence, Charles Manson consevo- world view was all the good he bestowed on us all.

Emailing this Intel-rant from Survive and Operate outpost on the front lines. But then, we are all on the front lines.

trgahan said...

Well....I guess I should be happy DFB's paymasters are at least letting him acknowledge sexual predation is a thing and not just liberals confusing an resentful, jealous administrative assistant who is bent on destroying humble, hard working Upper East Side Businessmen that were just tired and misreading the situation, they swear!

Funny the seismic shift in a decades long propaganda effort when one predator is a Jewish Hollywood power broker who donated to Democrats.

Maybe Brooks will point out one day that the Trump administration is rolling back the few protections there are at the Federal-level for victims of sexual violence?

dinthebeast said...

Why does this make me think of the "Flower Room" from the Dosadi Experimant?

-Doug in Oakland

Andrew Johnston said...

Left out the best line:

It would also be nice if there were some positive vision of how sexuality fits into a rich life, how it flourishes in the private sphere as a (very fun) form of deep knowing.

The man isn't human. I think that hypothetical Brooks-replacing script I dreamed up last time may have actually composed this.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Can I manage a Silkwood shower[?]

You're made of sterner stuff than I. I'd need the sort of cleansing Abigail Arcane inflicts upon herself in the opening pages of the Alan Moore Swamp Thing bumper number* in which she discovered who'd been wearing her husband's body for the last two issues:

In the shower she used up all of the soap, the shampoo, the bubble-bath, the perfume...
The smell was still there.
Have you ever burned an insect with a magnifying glass? Just once, long ago, when you were a kid and didn't know any better?
There. You know it. You know the smell.
When the soap wouldn't get rid of it, she went to the kitchen and fetched the wire brush that she used for scraping the potatoes...
Twenty minutes later she passed out.
Twenty whole minutes.
Even then she could still smell it.
She could smell it in her dreams.

(* [Saga of the] Swamp Thing #29, "Love and Death")

moeman said...

DFB, F'd around on his wife, ditched her and married a much younger woman. Call it The Room of Infidelity.

ziply said...

Some of us Democrats consider Bill Clinton to have been the last sane Republican president, in addition to being a sexual sleaze.

joejimtree said...

As if nobody was raped in the Room of Love.