Tuesday, July 25, 2017


aka McConnellCare
aka RyanCare
aka RepubliCare
aka WealthCare


ervin williams said...

aka we don't care

portlandmaxtrains said...

Off topic, but I just realized the Trump White House would be a perfect setting for a reboot of the Masque of the Red Death.

Robt said...

Seems they voted to proceed. To debate of an AKA Non existent piece of legislation. To debate the AKA amendments. To vote on those AKA amendments without hearing, study or any idea of what each amendment will do in conjunction of the entire legislation.

They just know,
*They ranted and raved and obstructed the ACA for 8 uears.
*Fed the bots hate, lies and distortion and encouraged violence against the ACA for 8 yrs.
*Ran for reelections and first time election on that very obstructive hate agenda for 6 years.
*p Promise for 8 yrs to repeal and replace with something better (although better for who was never really defined and no one pressed the issue for 8 yrs.
*Their big donors demand with their now majorities that they do what they want of get primaryed and have the base turn on them for being "liberal" a crime worse that colluding for Treason against the USA with a foreign country adversary as Russia.
*Must vote to repeal now to keep their promise of repeal and replace with something superior.

Why most in the media revel about over GOP difficulties and their disarrayed party is ridiculously prodding GOP to do as Paul Ryan stated in the Senate.
"just pass anything like the House did".
We know minimum of 47 GOP senators will do it. For McConnell kickbacks to the certain states to favor one state over the others with funding for health care. To please a ensure a republican senator can retain the party senate seat in the state.
So you see, all the political wrangling is not about health care.
Tax cuts, big donors, political party protections, party loyalty over representing constituents. On and on.
But nothing to do with Health care.

I say, sell across country border lines. Let Canada and China sell health insurance in the USA to spur competition ya know. hey, Russia has a lot of ill gotten money the stole from their people and need to launder that money. Let them sell health insurance. It is not like under the GOP's law that they would ever have to pay out on a claim.