Friday, April 28, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #386

"Happy Alinsky Day Comrade!"  
-- driftglass


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crweaver said...

While we are saluting Saul Alinsky, let us also raise a glass to Piven, Cloward, and, last but not least, the Frankfurt School! In other words, it's DA JOOZ!!

Anonymous said...

As you and Blue Gal discussed, the DT Crime Cartel was not even planning to win - just there to 'promote' the DT Crime Cartel - the thought occurred to me - how is it that a Manhattan interloper/usurper was allowed to commandeer the whole of the Republican Party of America?
I, honestly, thought it would be - Jeb! Thought it would be a nice, civil, southern-gentle-manly type of race, for my chosen (if I could vote there) candidate I liked First Lady Bush on my liberal tv. President H.W. too. Easy on the ears.
When the DT's brought the 4 ladies from the Clinton Presidency era, to the debate - there was a seismic shift in my nausea level and I haven't been the same since.

Thank you both, for validating what is left of my sanity.

Bleeding-Heart-Liberal & Loving-It!

dinthebeast said...

FYI: Pabst is still the IKOTW on your website and I'm not on Facebook so I can't take in the sublime fluffiness of this week's kitty.
While you guys were talking Ecclesiastes something in my head started itching, in that way that means there's something I should know about whatever subject that caused the itch, and POW! I remembered what it was. It was the title track to the album that was the soundtrack to my life for twenty years. So I went and listened to it and got one of those odd sensations where unrelated things line up and reinforce one another.
The track is "Empty Glass" by Pete Townshend, and I've linked to it below:

"...I've had enough of the way things been done
Every man on a razors edge
Someone has used us to kill with the same gun
Killing each other by driving a wedge."

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

The best chocolate cake ever in the world. At Mar 'd Logo. “cause, golf courses is where the world’s most renown chefs aspire to “chef” at. I mean this chocolate cake is so fine, never will anyone that is not a billionaire ever have the opportunity to taste. It is that delicious. You people will never have cake this good and Xi says it was good. So there it is you de-face the nation and failing libtard media.

Ever wonder how that chocolate cake came to being?

If you have watched the movie, “the Help” You would not slice a piece off for your own enjoyment.

Minnie bakes chocolate cake for Donald at elite Mar A Lago Golf course famous restaurant of the wealthy, powerful and smartest being on earth.

You tube, clip—the help- Minny offers her dish.

Roger McCarthy said...

Hate to be Captain Pedantic but The Warden is by Anthony Trollope and not George Eliot as per Fran - she is spot on about Revd Harding quoting Ecclesiastes however.

Robt said...

A can of corn

Just a simple can of corn.

To resist in the corn fields from the massive conservative locust swarm.

Science proves never a locust penetrated such a container.

Yet, the Alternative facts of the matter. under scrutiny of peer reviews.
can not change scientific fact that locust fail to penetrate that simple can of corn, even when their very existence depends on it.

No locust (Rushbo, Hanity, Alex Joenes Brooks, Newt, Ryan, Trump, Coulter, Spicer and/or Kellayanne (Et Al). Even as a swarm, have never penetrtrated my simple Can of corn.
Do you have your own can of corn?