Friday, April 07, 2017

My Screw Up Of The Day


Your humble editor screwed up and posted a Fake Gingrich account tweet as an actual Gingrich tweet.

Your humble editor regrets the error and has taken the following steps to make sure this never happens again:
Fired Michael Flynn
Forced Devin Nunes to recuse himself.
Forced Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to recuse himself.
Forced Steve Bannon to step aside.
Invoked the nuclear option.
However your humble editor does not rescind the following:
In these parlous times, we can all be comforted by the fact that America's Strategic Conservative Asshole Reserve is in no dangers of running low any time soon.

We may take further solace in the knowledge that, even though President Stupid's minions engineered the firing of George Will from Fox, NBC will always have enough Cialis and reverse mortgage cash on-hand to dumpster-dive an infinite number of Fox News rejects.


D. said...

That stuff has to be backdated to April 1.

I take it the previous edition of the post needed to have the title changed as well as the body?

The trouble with satire these days is that the subjects thereof are beyond mere satire. Mostly.

tjan said...

Thanks for teaching me a new word today - parlous. God bless, go forward.

Robt said...

Is Gingrich still working on that moon prison project?

Newt is so before the T-Potters. He was there at the re branding of the John Birchers into the Contracts on America Posse. Ancient scrolls of the T-Potter dynasty.
Trump didn't even hire Newt's wife for any cabinet position but he hired McConneell's wife as Transportation Sec..

I mean Newt was passed up for Jerrod, Extraordinaire Sec.. Rick Perry was plucked from the Energy Dept and was still unaware that Nuclear stuff was regulated there, so Rick wouldn't know he was in charge of de regulating Nukes.
If Rick knew, he would have changed the Energy policy for all Americans to conceal Carry them. Now Rick is in there and Bannon is on the Rove media project of assassinating everyone perceived as an enemy full time.

Even Chris Christie was offered the job of Opioid Constipation of Americans. Trump could have easily gave it to Jerrod. Not even an ambassador position for Newt?
I have this notion< Newt is at home grumbling over how he should have took Russian language in school instead of History. Because History we come to find is worth as much as science or math in the toxic life threatening atmosphere of the GOP planet.

Take it one Newt step further.
Sitting in the VP slot is Mike Pence. A renowned right wing radio jock. Who by recent reports (strictly) restricts himself from being in a room with another woman alone, other than his wife). Some sort of American religious version of Sharia (he hasn't pointed to scripture) as yet .
I can only conclude Pence has little self control or he thinks women have no
control around him. You female can address that.

With this, Pence is Trump Right- Pussy-Grabbing-hand. And can be in the same room with Trump without his wife.
Amazing how the Pence religious views are so blind to this. Pence's God sure works in mysterious lurid ways.