Thursday, March 09, 2017

Matthew Dowd is a Hilariously Ridiculous Person

To be clear, I have no disagreement with Mr. Dowd's critique of the absurd bullshit the Trumpshirts are slinging.  He is quite correct:
What I find hilarious and ridiculous is that my critique of Mr. Dowd and Mr. Fournier could fairly be summarized as follows: "The whole mantra of "Both Sides Do It" has done a huge disservice to pursuit of the truth and integrity of leadership. Stop it now."

For this, both Mr. Dowd and Mr. Fournier have run from me like guilty children.

Because that's what frauds do when you pull back the tattered curtain on their toxic little scam.


Robt said...

What seems to be in demand here isn this exhange of words. From the MSNBC Chuck Todd AD where he is on the basketball court. Asking if we remember when people played by the rules. And touted that as a basketball court referee he can make calls on dribbling on both sides.
-And strongly proud of it.

Because both sides are in majority control of Congress and pushing legislation for the wealthiest in tax cuts because these wealthy job creating entrepreneurs have made the leap from job creator to simply, "creator".

It must be painful for the Dowd to self defend his arsonist behavior by returning to the dumpster fire he sets ablaze.
With all the guilty trimmings of his denying his involvement.
It is you for seeing the dumpster fire and trying to snuf the flames.


Like Bezos buying the major print news outlet. He created that paper via his power of the trinity. I guess when I buy a pair of shoes from the store, I created those shoe by this measurement.

dominictemple said...

Ooh. It's always pleasant to see one's twitterings remarked upon by a writer one admires.