Thursday, January 05, 2017

Dread and Circuses with President-elect Bait-and-Switch

Just three month ago, Il Douche promised he would deliver unto us "great health care at a fraction of the cost".

Now that he has been elected, Il Douche would very much like someone else to hurry up and come up with an amazing super-plan to make health care do the things he promised it would do:
"It is time for Republicans & Democrats to get together and come up with a healthcare plan that really works - much less expensive & FAR BETTER!" [Trump] said.
This was about 20 seconds after shitting all over the very idea of bipartisanship by trashing Chuck Schumer as the Democrats' "head clown":
President-elect Donald J. Trump lashed out at Democrats early Thursday over their efforts to preserve President Obama’s health care coverage law, insulting their top legislative leader and denouncing the measure as a “lie” as he called for a less expensive and more effective system.

“The Democrats, lead by head clown Chuck Schumer, know how bad ObamaCare is and what a mess they are in,” Mr. Trump wrote in the first of three early morning posts on Twitter.

The posts arrived the day after Mr. Obama huddled with Democrats on Capitol Hill to strategize over protecting the Affordable Care Act and Vice President-elect Mike Pence met with Republicans about how to gut it.
And having spent six years doing nothing but working two days a week shutting the government down a few times, holding Benghaaazi show trials, bitching about the Kenyan Usurper and voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act over 60 times, the Party of Lincoln is now frantically calling everybody they know to see if maybe somebody has an plan to make health care cheap and amazing stuck between their sofa cushions or something.

Meanwhile, in Trump Country, America's stupidest people are beginning to wonder if, just maybe, they made a wee little mistake in November:

Dear America's stupidest people.

Stop. Helping.


ScottK said...

Ugh- this highlights one of the umpteen most annoying things about Trump: his insistence that there's an easy solution they They are keeping from you because of secret evil Them reasons. Things aren't hard because the world is complex, they're easy: "They are deliberately doing this to you, and I will stop them."

Conveniently for him, this doesn't require him to offer a solution or even understand the problem.

Robt said...

As with a Sen Sanders "town Hall" on the MSNBC. We find the TRump voters all angry over all the intentional naughty things Obama and the Democrats did to them and now feeling so mad and desperate. Wanting those other people to be punished like them. So they can look and point to the punished and say to themselves and others, "At least I am not that bad off".
When they said they wanted someone to shake things up in Government. Why did they exclude republicans in Washington? Exclude their own GOP Senators and House critters?

Their state house GOP majorities and GOP Governors?

A Wisconsinite claiming Obama left them in ruins. They never mentioned their Governor Walker and the GOP control puppeted by the Koch's.
No one addressed this in that town hall. Not even Sanders.

As the Trup-servatives ignored the Donald's rally theme song of, "Can't always get what you want". It is my view they heard the song and thought it was about "others" not getting something. Which leaves something for themselves that they would get.

I call it the Pat Robertson syndrome. he has been selling selfishness for a long long time. Send in $100 dollar donation and he will personally talk to God (on TV) for you to prosper. Even if God has to take something away from someone else to give to you.
haven't seen any clinics that counters this"sitting duck" illness. When speaking with the afflicted, they get very hateful with you. Very personally attack you. Call you Godless, Libtard, Russian Pinko, satanic, freeloader. Even toss in fagot for good measure.
But they learned all this hate from the conservative media. hannity TV to Rush radio and Breitbart on lone. Feeding the beast.

This raises a conflict within myself.
" Trump will never repeal the ACA", they said brazenly and assuredly. As if they had a fortune telling that is always on the mark. But never used that fortune teller to get the winning lotto numbers, or to find a good paying job.

well, they are most definitely going to get the shake up they wanted.
The quake will not be felt be the affluent, only by them. and the others the chained to the shake down. But again, they will have someone to hate with. Someone to look over and say, "At least I am not as bad off as that flunky". The thing is, they want that flunky to be a democratic liberal.
This is part of what I grasp from them.
My logical heart tells me I would not want harm to befall anyone.
I have reexamined this position and concluded a change.

There are some that have it coming. Getting what they want even through harming others. So when the "bad Karma" comes their way from their own actions. So be it.
No I won't hold candle vigils for them nor rejoice in their decisions of hate outcomes.
I had no remorse for Scalia. How bad of me. McConnell and Ryan who are in high leadership positions doing the bidding of their few oligarchs even knowing the harm they enable. No wishing them well from me. I think they enjoy being hated. And it is not hate I reserve for them. Disgust of selfish misguidance at the cost of others is something the can never grasp. It would require a reflection in the mirror, the vision to see that reflection and the self awareness to grasp what they see.

If miners lose their black lung insurance coverage. There was nothing, there is nothing I could do for it other than what I have did and continue to do.

They can't always get what they want..............

But they will find sometimes, they get what they deserve..........

banker puppy said...

The GOP 'leadership' now gets to choose.

It could look abroad at the 35-40 countries with functioning healthcare access systems and pick one or two on which to develop a US model.

Or it can repeal the ACA, gut Medicaid and Medicare, defund health programs, and let people die. Watch out, a lot of them are in red states and districts.

RUKidding said...

Trump told his sycophantic white supremacist fans that he didn't know what he would create to replace ACA. And that's true. Republicans have voted - what is it 60 times now? - to repeal ACA, but they have never, ever had an actual replacement for it. Nothing. Not even something really bad and stupid. Just a big fat zip nada zilch. Just repeal it and f*ck Obama and the libruls.

Trump voters have been polled in various places, and what they really want is free health care, more or less. IOW, they've been pandered to so long about having to pay higher premiums in order that people with less money can get some health care that they are frankly beyond crazy with rage about this situation. How DARE it be the case that they have to PAY more so that someone else benefits.

So they basically have no clue how anything works. They just want free stuff for themselves, alone, and then they want everyone else to suffer and die. Basically, that's it in a nutshell.

They heard Trump say over & over & over that one of the first things he'd do is repeal ACA, and his fans shrieked with unbridled joy. Now that the dust is settling, his dumbfeck idiots are saying: oh but I didn't really beleive Trump would just repeal ACA. Trump is "such a good businessman," that he wouldn't just do that. Oh really? Ya think?

I mean: this is their weird alternative to reality. Trump endlessly tells them what he's going to do, and they scream with joy. Then when the rubber meets the road, they're all: but but but I didn't really "believe" that he'd do THAT. That's not what I really want.

I get it that people are desparate. I get that it totally that the USA is a third world country now, and THIS is what it's like. I'm really sick and tired, though, of idiots who outright refuse to truck in reality, choose to live in their weird little bubble worlds of conserva-happy-talk where they can just blame the horrid LIEbruls for all their ills and somehow that "fixes" it.

One part of me wants to feel bad for miners with black lung who are likely going to lose their benefits and die horrible deaths (why sugar coat the reality of that?), but another part of me is: IF this is what it takes to shake at least some of them awake, so be it.

I don't know what else to say. The media is absolutely horrible. All of it. But people who insist on a 24/7/365 diet of Rush Limbaugh, Fox, and "Christian" broadcasting really do need some sort of wake up call.

Sadly, I'm not holding out any hope that Trump will wake them up. I figure they'll just go for the next nasty-assed hateful bigot to come down the road who's 100 times more authoritarian and jack-booted than Trump.

How did this happen to our nation? It's certainly not for lack of working against it on many of our parts, but sadly, we don't have the money to make much difference.

Final lesson: you truly can't fix stupid.

Don P said...

3 things about the CNN story
- Coal jobs are never coming back to Appalachia, it's essentially tapped out, any US coal is in the Mountain West
- A man works 30+ years in the coal mines and is making some $65/mo. in pension?? what the holy hell?
- Wasn't the whole idea all along of coal jobs so that your kids don't have to work in the damn mines or am I crazy?

trgahan said...

Trump voters voted for a specific societal structure....period...full stop.

The repeal of Obamacare demanded by conservative voters (a demand created by 365/24/7 emersion in the infotainment complex) is the golden scalp symbolizing their "we won, you lost! FUCK YOU" tribalistic attitude toward politics.

Ryan and Mitch have already gone from GOP Saviors to hated RHINO's for not putting Obama in his place yet their seats are secure. So they don't have to anything for Trump they don't want to and Trump will pay for any failures to deliver....with more elected Republicans in 2018 as these meatheads go to the polls en mass, once again, to get someone in the state house/DC who will deliver.

Democrats stay home again because no one is inspiring them enough and everyone in the party is a corpratist or something.

Dave said...

I think there's a difference between stupid and ignorant. I'm sure a lot of voters don't know thing and it's generally up to the candidates to catch people up.

What i got from Hillary Clinton was.. she was building what Obama did, but a lot of people don't know. If you bother to watch the news, you would know.. but if you did, you already made up your mind.

It should have been easy for Hillary to win... but I should also want to hear what elected representatives have to say about things.. but with these talks of politeness and compromise with the republicans as there is a clear war between republicans desires and a healthy America, I don't think stupid people counts as the problem.

I think the bigger problem is Chuck Schumer.. with as little power as he has, is literally playing footsie with the opposition instead of sounding the alarm we're in for the dark age over stupid reasons.

RUKidding said...

To Dave - you make some very good points, Dave, and I agree with you. I am unsurprised at Schumer and Pelosi basically playing footsie with Trump/the GOP. Same as it ever was and infuriating, plus dangerous. But they'll get theirs, so eff the rest of us.

But the stupid I'm discussing is the fact that polls are being taken amoung Trump voters now about the repeal of ACA. Just that. And these people, who shrieked with unfettered joy (I heard it often during the race) when Trump shouted he would repeal ACA on his first day in office, are the exact same ones NOW stating that they HEARD Trump say that, but they chose to "believe" that he wouldn't actually, you know, repeal ACA. Boo hoo hoo...

I guess we can quibble whether that's ignorance or stupidity. One or the other, though, it would boggle my mind, except anymore it doesn't. I called it last summer (really). I said: these fools are shrieking in glee to have ACA repealed stat, but when it happens, they'll be all, like: OMG, that's NOT what I really meant.

This has happened before with Republican voters. They willfully choose to be brain dead ignorant about what's actually happening. They willfully choose to be propagandized by Rush/Fox/Pat Robertson. Then when reality smacks them upside the head - despite Democratic voters attempting to WARN them about their idiocy - they say: but but but... the thing you TOLD me would happen is not what I thought would ACTUALLY happen.

Ignorance? Stupidity? You tell me, and we'll both know.

Robt said...

Don't you think the oxygen was vacuumed out of the room before HRC entered?

The General populous never heard much of the HRC policy that made reasonable progress in reality. No, I am not saying Hillary had all the answers. She had some.

Compared to Lock her up? And how exactly would he do that?

You got to explain why Michigan would re elect their Govrnor after his Flint water extermination program. If money trumps clean water. GW Bush and his }Money trumps peace". Donald's money trumps health care. We already saw the GOP reaction to the Pharma kings unilaterally jacking prices on life sustaining drugs that only the wealthy could afford.
But the GOP showed more vigor and attention to baseball steroid use and personal emails of mass destruction.

The Dems did go limp.
Where was the FOIA to have Speaker Ryan's or kevin Mccarthy's emails made public?
Hell, we never saw Cheney's emails to Scooter?
What is the difference between stupid and ignorant when they both vote as they did?

I think you give too much credit to one of these two categories of individuals.

Figure one should know better and the other doesn't know to know better.

But they all get their Borgian transmitted information at the same GOP funded home private school of the Dittohead academy.

bowtiejack said...

"It is time for Republicans & Democrats to get together and come up with a healthcare plan that really works - much less expensive & FAR BETTER!"

Uh, yeah, gotcha. It's called single payer. Not going to drag you off into the weeds, but other nations with same have better health statistics and infant mortality rates at less of a percentage on their GDP. Dirty socialist communist liberal Europeans! Thank God we're not smart like them. Freedom!