Friday, December 23, 2016

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

But you already knew that.  

Here he provides the rest of the class with a textbook example of the Beltway Iron Rule of David Brooks:

For the record, here is a partial list of people who cannot stand talking about the immediate past: Criminals, drunks, abusers and ABC News chief political analysts.

Make of that what you will.

Also for the record, I tweeted the following back to Mr. Dowd --
"Let's forget about the past" = "Let's all agree not to mention how horribly wrong I was"
-- and here was his response:

So I am definitely going to heaven.


Chan Kobun said...

Shall I say it again?

Check that; title should be "Matthew Dowd Is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person Who Is Paid Very Well To Be A Fundamentally Ridiculous Person"

I could be a shameless Fundamentally Ridiculous Person for the love of scratch Brave Matty makes, except that I could know it was an act and at least try to act accordingly when the cameras were off.

bowtiejack said...


Tom Shefchik said...

Happy Holidays, Drifty!

Robt said...

Dowd is showing more and more of his Trump slip under his dress as he dances entertainingly, pulling up on his dress.

How very very odd, Down signals a media return to GW Cheney and "with us or against us" media assimilation.
Dowd yearning to return to the Borg?

Don't recall Dowd telling Birthers, or the "he's a Muslim" rebels to get over it?
And everyone that blamed Obama for their flat tires or appliance repairs.

Dowd is all for media scrutiny of Obama while Trump should "ONLY" be followed and praised? He learned nothing from the GW Cheney years.

How about Dowd meeting with KellyGirl Conway and asking her to stop with the inane analogies to justify what ever Trump does.
Like Trump who as president elect engulfs his time with Tweets and nonsense over Trump Kitchen reviews instead of grasping the task of U.S. President 101.
And Dowd, who engulfs his precious time opinionating what others should think and how. Instead of conversation of the issues. Dowd directs people to think as he tells them.
Dowd, can you report on the Senate Trump-servatives that refused to even sit down and speak with (show respect) a 27 year Federal Judge with a fairly distinguished record. To vote no or yes on the man nominated.
I guess dowd figures the place on the SCOTUS Scalia sat was his. Not someone before SCalia nor (AS) After Scalia. That it is a SCOUTS chair and is only sat in by its present appointed Judge. Sure SCOUTS is a life time appointment. Last I looked Scalia did not qualify as "alive".
*Note to Dowd who likes to tell people to get over "it".
Scalia did not have a legal right to leave a will directing the GOP of Scalia's inheritance of who they and they alone are endowed by Scalia's will to fill that SCOTUS seat.

Timothy Hosler said...

Great as ever !