Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Closes Out With a Special Little Snowflake Blizzard

On the eve of a new and dangerous year, one greasy little deacon of the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism huddles under the pulpit and wails about the horrors of the K'rupt Duopoly!

While another greasy little deacon of the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism thunders to a chapel full of empty pews that an imaginary army of saints called "the Murrican people" are gonna rise up to hold Il Douche accountable, you betcha!


About half of voting-age "Murrican people" are barely aware that we had an election, and, conditioned by decades of Hate Radio and Fox News, slightly less that half of the remaining half (but enough to win the electoral college) took a good, long look at a lying, racist, pig-ignorant fascist and said "Yes! Yes! I want that! I want that supersized!"

The Nigerian Prince of their dreams had finally arrived.

No, once again it will fall the the Left -- to American Liberals -- to rescue this country from another disaster the American Right has inflicted on it.

And a good start to this reclamation project would be to do everything in our collective power to make sure the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism is bulldozed and all its greasy little deacons in the mainstream media are defrocked and cast out of public life forever.


John Taylor said...

The last time Republicans held the levers of power they steered the country into a minefield. How quickly people forget.

Robert Muir said...

John - I don't think we're going to be that lucky this time.

dinthebeast said...

"both major parties are like sick buildings. Good people get sick when they enter."

Only under the Democrats you could have health insurance in case you did. Did I mention "fuck you"?

-Doug in Oakland

Karen Rea said...

There is absolutely no difference whatsoever between having heath insurance, Medicare and Social Security and not having them. Same, same.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Neither do I, Robert. In 2003, at his 25th Harvard reunion, Deval Patrick heard his classmate Grover fucking Norquist say that, if the Democrats ever had the bad taste to win a presidential election again, “We will make it so that a Democrat cannot govern as a Democrat.” Governor Patrick told this story eight years later in a think piece for Even the Liberal Washington Post, and added, "In a way, Republicans have accomplished that."

Boy howdy, have they ever. They've obstructed and objected to the point where even eight years of a Democratic President was not enough to clean up the mess left by the previous eight years of a Republican President, and used his failures to convince Davis X. Machina's "enough people to elect a President" to hand the keys over to our first Chuwero president.

"All right America we are two nations." -- John Dos Passos, quoted frequently by Brother Charles Pierce

No, we are not two nations. We are not even one nation. We are either a cult compound with borders and an anthem, or a diseased animal attempting to die of having angry sex with itself.

trgahan said...

Am I the only one who can envision the someone's 2024 best seller "How Putin's Russia Won The Cold War: Greed, Stupidity, Hatred, and the end of Western Democracy."

Chapter 1: Too Many White People Are Still Racist Enough To Cut Their Own Throats and Piss Away Western Civilization.

Chapter 2: Collaborators: Brooks, Fournier, Dowd, et al. and The Church of Both Sides!

Chapter 3: Conservatism, A Cancer Metastases

Chapter 4: Crackpot Billionaires Who Inherited Their Money, But Believe They "Work Hard" and Earned It

Chapter 5: Western Political Parties That Had Always Wished Hitler Had Won and Their Country Had Switched Sides.

Chapter 6: Liberals could...DRONES!!!! BENGAZHI!!!! EMAILS!!!! WORSE THAN BUSH!!!!!

Chapter 7: How Putin used the Last 6 Chapters to help the most powerful, advanced, nations on earth to destroy themselves, in full view of everyone.

Chapter 8: How People Who Should Have Known Better were too Lazy, Greedy, or Rooting for what happened to happen didn't say anything and how most ended up in the gulag with the rest of us anyway.

Chapter 9: The End of The First World, A Survivors Guide.

John said...

The fact that Dowd's first vote for Reagan shows his bad instincts. I was twenty-four in 1980 when Reagan was elected. Anyone with a brain in his head could see then that Reagan was a dufus. I hated Reagan. Every time he spoke it was like listening to chalk squeaking. He spoke as if he were talking to kindergartners. It was annoying. Then he went senile.

As a gay may I particularly hate him. His administration was happy to see us die like stray dogs in the streets from AIDS. I will never forgive that.

But he was a useful idiot for the reactionary oligarchic forces that he fronted for. He began the assault on the middle class that has brought most of us to our present sense of doomed precariousness.

It baffles me that anyone can imagine that Reagan was a good thing except those who made fortunes from his policies tilted to the right. Oh, and fans of genocidal wars against the Maya in Central America.

Robt said...

"conditioned by decades of Hate Radio and Fox News,"

We might be able to correlate "both Sides" if it wasn't for the 99% control of the media by Libruls. Which lie about everything. How do I know this you ask?

The entire 99% of the media controlled by corporate, right wing and the now savvy ALT Right and Rush right and Krauthammer Right Truth tellers. That can tell you Obama spent us into Trillions of national debt. While saying zero comments that the House of Representatives controlled by republicans are the only ones that can appropriate money to spend
And for the Both sides of it in an introversion, the left reports on the Debt and brings on GOP hack guests to present their lies there too in the legitimization of the right lying media.
Last media person on the left to poke truth into the eye of the right's liars. Was Keith Olbermann and he performed a public service with his "Worst Person in the world".
That I dearly miss it's effectiveness.
We had one little tid bit from Rachel over all the FOX people being tapped into the Trump House. Something Tony Snow was able to break wind on.

There Are still some viable useful Worst persons in the YouTubes that will help with the medias dementia memory hole.
Like how long before the have the "Newt" on to discuss presidential Policy? how Trump is great but Newt would be greater? Yes, On the MSNBC?

* Without the borg conditioning mentality that has saturated Americans. Both sier could not not reach an octave for a single note.

The great purging did not begin with the corporate hostile takeover of media to purge the Stinkin Liberal free market war profiteers. It began with News Papers editing out the "labor Section".
Which is now tilted, "Money" and / or Business".
papers serving corporation who are people and the labor section that was for people. Well ,they aren't people under the law anymore. In courts of law.

This is why in business bankruptcy laws, Executive can claim Pensions as "company assets" and take that money for their golden executive emergency landing on a golden runway package. Retirement pensions for the employees? Ha, ha, ha.

Our new overlord Putin want-to-be has displayed it and is going to ram it down throats.

Because, Freedom and Conservative indulgence with "ramming things down throats".

drbopperthp said...

Kick the rough draft of Chapter 9 to me pre-publish, and I might find some loose scrilla in my golf bag, to send your way in support of your writing needs.