Monday, September 05, 2016

What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?

Republican Edition...

First, I wildly and enthusiastically supported George W. Bush -- a man lied our  country into the war and then screwed it up,  I also wildly and enthusiastically called anyone who opposed President Bush a terrorist-loving traitor.

Then, when the war...and the economy...and the deficit...and US foreign policy...all went catastrophically wrong in exactly the way those who opposed President Bush had warned, I bravely put on a funny hat, started calling myself an "independent" and swore that I have never even heard of George W. Bush,

Then, when the Democrats nominated someone to fix the economy I had broken, and mend the foreign policy I had wrecked, and end the war that I had helped lie us into, me and millions of other newly-minted "independents" joined together in a mighty movement based on freaking out over a huge deficit which we had never cared when George W. Bush was creating it, and screaming that Barack Obama was a terrorist-loving traitor.

Which is what we have been doing all-day, every-day, ever since.

And now me and millions like me are wildly and enthusiastically supporting an openly racist serial liar for President of the United States whose observable leadership skill set makes George W. Bush look like  Dwight D. Eisenhower.

And that is what I did in the war, my son.

That is what I did in the war.


Jimbo said...

Amen. And though the nasty Phyllis Schaffly may have gone to her grave, thousands of other right wing hatemongers have long since taken her place to continue the endless war against democracy and the people of America.

Jimbo said...

Also, that's a really nice Photoshop of Prez Chimpy onto Stargaate (?)

dinthebeast said...

What did I do in the war? Why, I caused it son, then I watched it on teevee...

-Doug in Oakland

wibble said...

nope, Old Skool - Yul Brynner as Rameses in The Ten Commandments.

Robt said...

To be sure,
I want the yellowish orange guy with an "R" in front of his name for president. That I can re up my service with the ALT Right Command. Seeing how the other republican branches turned out to be utter failures of vaginal conservative ideology that didn't punish those people I don't identify with as Americans.
Because for me son, what I did in the war was embrace the camouflage of the superior race by changing colors as a chameleon with no responsibility or accountability.
That stuff is for Liberals, son.