Monday, September 05, 2016

And To Think, Smithers, You laughed When I Bought the GOP.

"Nobody's going to vote for a straight-up racist liar."

Smithers:  Well, it's a campaign that ensures a healthy mix of the rich and the ignorant, sir.


John Taylor said...

In a sane world, Trump would've been laughed off the stage at the primary debates.

john_m_burt said...

Two hideous rich old men with skin colors not found in nature make one hideouser old man with skin of a color not found in nature.

Robt said...

A tale of 3 men.

The son of Mike Wallace at FOX to be moderator on third presidential debate. Said in an interview, "it is not my job to be a truth squad". When asked if prevaricating runs rampant.
The son of Mike Wallace who worked for Roger Ailes and beholden to Ailes for making him an FOX anchor, (oh, get paycheck too). Ailes now working for the Trump campaign. Such an insidious long time relationship can only surface from Wallace the umpire with bases loaded in the ninth inning as his team looks to lose the lead. I expect with a full count, the umpire makes a highly questionable outside and low pitch a called 3rd strike. To win from an overly outspoken partisan media person out to prove liberal media can't do what he can, for the SCOTUS mind you.
(They can always impeach Trump to install Pence.
Trump, Wallace and Ailes. 3 corrupt peas in a conservative pod.
--------But that LIberal media owns everything.!
The last and final debate has the making to be misinforming, argumentatively un-informing and grandiose accusation free for all tossing.

Ailes, Trump and Son of Mike Wallace fully control the 3rd debate.

But the optics.............!

Aquaria said...

That Trump wasn't scorned from the beginning is the sign of our media being hopelessly corrupt.

They are beyond the enemy now, and skirting very damned close to outright treason for enabling an open fascist.