Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Like You, Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough Has Many Theories

Unlike you, his theories are breathtakingly stupid and he has a billion dollar media corporation at his disposal to help him shout them to the four corners of the Earth.

Today's theory?

Donald J. Trump is secretly a Democrat.

So, shhhhhh.  It's a secret so don't tell anyone.

This was the only video available, but believe me when I tell you that Squint Scarborough repeats his theory Very Loudly about a dozen times during the course of a half-hour of ass covering.

Squint Scarborough...who spent much of 2015 and early 2016 single-handedly carrying the racist, lie-riddled Trump campaign on his back.

Of course none of the Comcastrati at MSNBC will ever challenge any of Squint's quaint theories for the same reason many dysfunctional alcoholic families will stare quietly at their toes and let Raging Drunk Asshole Dad's tirades wash over them like the tide, again and again.  Because they all know damn well what happens to anyone who tries to step in and interpose a little realism and accountability between one of Raging Drunk Asshole Dad's batshit, bellicose sentences and the next.

Also and at no additional charge to you the customer, Harold Fraud Junior serves up a demitasse of hot Both Siderism at around the 5:15 mark to wash it all down.  Because when Raging Drunk Asshole Dad is in a mood, best to hand him his favorite slippers and remind him that you're his favorite..


trgahan said...

Of course within the conservative media infotainment bubble Donald J. Trump is secret Democrat or (insert whatever here) in the run up to yet another Democratic Presidential beat down of a Republican because

A) Conservatism NEVER fails; therefore anyone who fails in NOT a conservative.

B) the Comcastrati (love it!) have no intention of reforming the Republican party. Policy-wise it is right where they have wanted it since ca. 1972. They just want the meatheads to keep it down long enough to get some stuffed suit in the Oval Office before the entire Supreme Court is all liberals.

C) The illusion of a silent "moderate conservative majority" that just needs the right candidate to mobilize them to the polls must be maintained. The reality that they only have a shrinking, but loud, ignorant racist voter base that can't survive without gerrymandering and removal of voting rights laws must be dismissed.

D) NO Democratic Presidential victory can EVER be allowed to go in the books as the American Voters preferring a Democratic governance over Republican governance. The story is always "America Wants Republicans, but..."

DFH Dave said...

Brilliant! Give that man a contract!!

"The illusion of a silent 'moderate conservative majority' that just needs the right candidate to mobilize them to the polls must be maintained."

Cugel said...

Today Joe revealed that Trump asked an expert three times "we have all these nukes, why can't we use them?" Since this makes Trump sound even more unhinged than ever, which I didn't think was possible, it sounds like Joe is "off the reservation." We seem to be in full "it's not my fault" mode of ass-covering ("If only they'd listened to me!") That pivot could be a great future career move for Joe. He will point out how brilliant he was in spotting how defective Trump was "way back" in July 2016. Reuters: "Rats desert sinking ship. More details at 11 !"

RUKidding said...

If Squint knew about Trump's unhinged nukes questions months ago, why'd he wait 'till now to "inform" us about it? What's up with that? Squint's career & payola is more important than the safety of the entire fucking planet? Does Squint get that if he's annihilated in a nuclear disaster, all his toys and money go up in smoke with him??

Geezo. Saying Squint's a douchebag barely scratches the surface of his venality, cupidity, stupidty & vapidity. That said, who the eff knows what Squint knows, doesn't know, when or how. Total lying, braying jackass.

The dog protect us all. We are in for some rough times.

Bob Yates said...

I'm sure that Breitbart will find that in 2008 after Clinton lost to Obama there was a secret meeting between Trump and the Clintons. They discussed how Trump could guarantee Hillary's victory in 2016 by running as a Republican. He would get the nomination and then throw it giving the election to Clinton and destroying the Republican Party.

"Some people" said this really happen. They are looking at the schedules of the Clintons and Trump to show when it happened in 2008.

Joe has the time wrong.

Unknown said...

Joe has been polishing the turd ever since Trump announced his candidacy and now he suddenly realizes that he's released a monster. Screw you, Joe.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Does Squint get that if he's annihilated in a nuclear disaster, all his toys and money go up in smoke with him??

When you're crawling through radioactive rubble with your fingers falling off, it can be difficult to remember that your initial objective was to make America great again.