Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough: My Name's The Teacher

That is what I call myself.
And I have a lesson
That I must impart to you.
It's an old expression
But I must insist it's true.

Never punch down.
Never do it.
Never ever.

In fact, here is Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough, from today saying that very thing (the goodness picks up at around the 5:07 mark):

You know, there's a lesson I learned very early on. Somebody said "Never punch down". And so if somebody writes a lousy letter to the editor, right, don't do a screaming op-ed that draws more attention to the letter to the editor. If somebody attacks you online, don't go on teevee and respond in-kind.

And for your consideration, I offering this small sample of Joey Joe Joe Junior sharing his usual calm and level and not-at-all-punch-downy appraisal of his critics from the last election cycle

See, like every other massively dysfunctional family run by a thin-skinned moron tyrant, everyone on Morning Joe knows Daddy is a braying asshole who can't keep his own lies straight.

But everyone on Morning Joe also knows that if they cross Daddy or make him look like an idiot on camera the next stop on their career trolley might well be working for a 28-year-old named Xander at a discount women's shoe outlet in Paramus.

And so instead they sit vewy, vewy still and imagine their 401K's growing fine and fat on Phil Griffin's blood money.


Chan Kobun said...

(I can't see the first thing at all - Chrome refuses to load it, apparently it's from an "unauthenticated source" - but I can damn well guess what this is about)

I love how now - only now - Joe Deadinternborough is having an attack of conscience, after months of letting Drumpf call in from his palatial water closet where he's probably taking a grunt in a gold-plated commode while talking to Squint and his Meat Puppet.

Attacks of conscience, over the right thing, at the right time, are great things. But Joe is trying to save his own sorry ass, and he can go fornicate himself with an iron stick for it. He built this monster, now he can either stop it or quit complaining about it wrecking everything.

keith gargus said...

I wonder why anyone even cares what this hypocrite says or thinks. His ratings are in the dump, usually beaten by infomercials.