Monday, June 20, 2016

Money, Please!

No, this is not Day One of a fundraiser (but soon, my pretties! soon!)

This an accurate videographic representation of one currently popular theory of the candidacy of Il Douche.

 From Politico:
Would Donald Trump really drop out for $150 million?
The latest hope for the Never Trump crowd: A huge pile of cash.
By Ben Schreckinger

06/18/16 12:01 PM EDT
Updated 06/19/16 09:38 AM EDT

How much would it cost to get Donald Trump to give up his presidential run and walk away?

“I bet if someone offered him $150 million to drop out, he would," one former Trump adviser told POLITICO, unprompted, during an interview Friday. Story Continued Below

Asked about whether Trump would drop out, another former Trump adviser, Jim Dornan said he believes the presumptive GOP nominee would be willing to cut a deal. “Yeah, probably,” Dornan, a veteran Republican operative who worked for Trump last spring on an abortive effort to set up a super PAC, replied via text message — adding there would be plenty of interest in buying him out. “The Kochs would be the first in line.”

Trump himself says it’s a ridiculous proposition and that he’s not a fan of the question.

"This story is a total fabrication from you and POLITICO, as usual,” the New York billionaire said in an email sent by his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. “I will never leave the race, nobody has enough money to pay me to leave the race, and if they did, it would be totally illegal anyway. Did Obama and the Clintons get you to write this garbage?"
On the one hand, Politico really is just "Tiger Beat on the Potomac". (h/t Mr. Pierce)

On the other hand, at this point anyone who believes a single word that comes flying out of Trump's pie-hole deserves what they get and with compound interest.

Also, people's motives and interests change over time, which is why Trump is on his third wife.

Either way, as long as TBOTP is paying people to idly speculate about Trumpelstiltskin's real motives, I see no reason why they shouldn't be cutting me a slice.

From me, almost a year ago:
My theory FWIW is that this is just another real estate deal. Trump has staked out a prime piece of property right in the middle of the GOP. He will sell it once someone offers him the right deal. 
Money, please!


Paul Wartenberg said...

You know, *I* need to do some fund-raising too.

I KNEW I should have run this year! I could have traded in a primary win for some sweet sweet loot.

dinthebeast said...

Kochs, et al: Would you drop out for a billion dollars?

Trump: Yeah, I guess.

Kochs, et al: Would you drop out for fifty cents and a handjob?

Trump: What do you think I am, a cheap whore?

Kochs, et al: We've already arrived at what you are, now we're merely negotiating the price...

-Doug in Oakland