Friday, June 24, 2016

Good Morning Britain Reporter Demonstrated The Lost Art of "The Followup Question"

Inside his holding cell under CNN's Red Keep, Wolf Blitzer watched this, stunned.

"We can do that?" he whimpered.

Acting quickly, newly-minted CNN "analyst" Corey Lewandowski grabbed CNN's dust-covered 1990 Peabody Award from the trophy case and beat Blitzer with it until he shut the hell up.

And so, the Great Walk-back begins.

For future reference, this is what Day One of a Trump Administration would look like.
And Day Two.
And Day Three.


proverbialleadballoon said...

Can't but see the parallel to Trump here. Sanders supporters hesitant on Hillary should be watching this, and multiply it times ten to imagine what would happen if Trump is elected.

RUKidding said...

The parallel to Republican Trump is that he's promising his rabid fanboyz the sun, the moon, the stars and gigantically ginormous Wall that the dirty messicans will both build and pay for.

Yeah, yeah, Bernie Sanders talked about free college, but he also explained how that could come about via (what we should already have) taxes/fees on Wall St transactions. Perhaps pie in the sky, to be sure, but achievable in reality.

Republican Trump's promises? Moar JAWBz for white men. No more H1(b) visas. A Return to the '50s where the damned wimminz know their place on their knees in the kitchen, and the dirty dusky-hued are all out picking cotton for free.

Let's get real. Republican Trump's promises his base so much, and they all believe to the bottom of their shriveled black hearts that Republican Trump Will. Deliver.

Should Republican Trump win (shudder)? The walk-back on all of those promises will happen within nanoseconds of the final vote tally. Republican Trump's walking it back will make Nigel Farage's walk back look like an slow amature.

Indeed, that's probably why CNN snapped up Lewandowski: to keep the rest of the bobble-heads in line... just in case.

trgahan said...

But they won.....and that is all that matters.

The media will have the next 48 hours to honest about it, then it will be back selling it, at best, as "a necessary policy option in tough, uncertain times. Besides the other side failed too!"

Any problems will be dismissed as being due to "No going far enough!"

We paroles just have find a way to survey a new normal.

Unknown said...

This reminds me of the "peace dividend" we were going to have to spend on all kinds of nice things after the Soviet Union collapsed. That didn't work out too well either.

Robt said...

I have had friends tell me how they are fed up with American propaganda media and began watching the BBC or other for news.

It is things of this nature as you point out that is evidence that propaganda and news media around the world are failing it's primary responsibilities.

How can a news media network provide the information to have a informed populace to make an informed decision in voting on issues or candidates when those news outlets are "for profit" ?

Monied interests will always win out to a profit driven business.

" I love the uneducated"
Donald Trump

As rally supporters applaud... They were recognized by Mr. Famous.

RUKidding said...

Kudos to Unknown for the "peace dividend" reference, and let us not forget Iraqi War Oil dividend that was going to pay for all the costs of that dirty little war, plus provide extras for nice things at home. My GOP family & friends rubbed that POS lie in my face until they stopped when it never happened... as I predicted.

Vis the Beeb - I have friends who also say they listen to the BBC because US media is all propaganda. I have to break it to them gently that the Beeb was the forerunner Big DaddyMama of propaganda worldwide. Don't go to the BBC, if you want anything approaching "objective" nooz coverage. That's as bad as expecting "objective" nooz from National Propaganda Radio.

Ed Cooper said...

Thanks for reminding me about Raygun "Peace Dividend". As I recall, I was too busy fending off foreclosure to pay attention to pie on the sky.