Thursday, June 16, 2016

Behind His Back, All Of Donny's Coworkers Quietly Grumbled

That if Donny did not want the shitty call center job. Donny should not have taken the shitty call center job.


keith gargus said...

I would pay real money for just the transcripts of those calls. If nothing else than tips from the big boys on how to handle telemarketers.

RUKidding said...

I hear that the Donald's pretty mobbed up. Imagine the Donald calling the Don for a hand out. The Don would be all, Donny, you know we love you like a brother. Like a Brother! Never a better relationship than between you 'n me, Donald. But I gotta tell ya, much as I love you. LOVE You! This, uh, proposition you're making to me now, Donald? It's just not penciling out. Love to help you, Donald. LOVE to. Call again when you got wonaya schemes to rip off widows and orphans, and we're IN. In a heartbeat, Donald, inna heartbeat. Good luck, now getthefuck outta here!