Friday, May 06, 2016

Loony Cult Leader Urges Followers To Reject Other Loony Cult Leader

Two men say they're Wingnut Jesus
One of them must be wrong

Glenn Beck Calls On Conservatives To Leave The GOP 'Because Tinfoil Hat Don Is Crazy'

Remember kids, when batshit demagogues fight, we're all winners.


Jimbo said...

Ah Dire Straits, I do so love that band. But to your post about the Beckian lunacy of the day. It reminds me of the post the other day about the Great "Conservative" Fraud and Grifting Operation. I think many so-called true conservatives would be quite surprised to hear that Beck does not approve of Trump's language about Hispanics or immigrants. Or capitalists, though I don't actually recall The Donald advocating putting capitalists up against the wall and shooting them. Trump's just using his outside voice instead of the coded inside voice that Republicans use in their divide and conquer the masses routine and this upsets Glenn who, of course, has many, many voices in his head speaking to him all the time.

Lawrence said...

Considering how the US got our credit rating downgraded a couple of years ago for the Freedumb Carcass stunt with the debt ceiling Trump's latest wisdom on how to WIN while defaulting on the national debt should go over well. Janet Yellin is probably on the phone with David Patraeus asking "Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?"

Unknown said...

First, I apologize for the link, but when I read the headline I thought you were going to address Jones v Beck. As you say, win win.

ChicagoPat said...

Sounds like Beck is going to try Tea Partying himself out they're current mess with the same "I'm not REPUBLICAN, I'm CONSERVATIVE" bullshit.

Rob Conrad said...

The Beck piece of great, although I think it would've been improved greatly with an orange lightbulb in the lamp, and a gentle rain falling.

RUKidding said...

Tin Foil Hat Glenn calls Tin Foil Hat Don "crazy." Pot, meet kettle.

Example Number 5,039,452 of the rightwing establishment that pitched in to create Trump's fandom throwing a hissy fit that Trump scooped them up into "his" party. Let the distancing begin!

First Beck says that Hillary's gonna somehow get the current crop of bazillions of "illegals" to obtain voting rights to vote for her to win (illegally), but then Beck follows this up with how Trump has lost "the Hispanics" from the Republican party. Eh whut?

Beck's tirade makes no sense. In other words, the sun rose in the east today, and it's another day ending in "y."

But yer right: when batshit demagogues fight, it's time to pass the popcorn!! yum!

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