Sunday, April 03, 2016

Today In Republican Detachment Disorder: Joe Scarborough

Yesterday MSNBC employee Joe Scarborough snuck into the Centrist wing of the Beltway pundit bunkhouse and stole the keys to David Brooks' "Voice from Nowhere" dirigible so that he could soar safely high, high above the scurrying masses of "cloistered...elites who report on a nation they don’t understand" and rain derision down on Both Sides from the comfortable altitude of the house organ of cloistered coastal elites.

Republican critics have long complained that these media elites are schooled, spend their summers and live most of their lives in urbane enclaves that provide little insight into how the rest of America lives.

But in 2016, conservative commentators are sounding as cocooned from their own political party as any liberal writing social commentary for The New Yorker or providing political analysis for ABC News. Even after the passing of Antonin Scalia and the Paris and San Bernadino attacks, many right-leaning pundits are spending their days scolding readers and declaring that no true conservative or God-fearing Christian could support Donald Trump. This simmering rage has now risen to such a level that many conservative opinion shapers are spending their waking hours coping with a festering Zapruder-like obsession over video frames of the Corey Lewandowski-Michelle Fields confrontation while obsessing over the GOP frontrunner’s latest embarrassing gaffe.

Uncle Joe runs down several examples the usual wingnut scuttlefish who (he makes clear) he admires and is friends, but for crying out loud, people, something something Reagan and something something else Buckley! All in all, Squint Scarborough makes all sounds pretty bad. 

"Exactly how bad," you ask? 

 MSNBC employee Scarborough puts it this way:
Many of my conservative friends are sounding as arrogant and unmoored as left wing pundits let loose on MSNBC during the Bush years.
OK, three things.

First, imagine how quickly any of the few remaining Liberals at MSNBC would find themselves shitcanned (or "Melissa Harris-Perryed"as they are probably calling it now) if they took to the op-ed page of the Washington Post to write about the "unmoored" right wing meathead that MSNBC has let loose during the Obama years.

Second, imagine how exciting it would be if some enterprising blogger went way, waaaay back, say, 11 months ago and found --whoa! -- Joe Scarborough saying patently false and ridiculous things about Conservatives, the Poors and that uppity Barack Obama:
[Scarborough] is also 100% cretin certain that Barack Obama is uppity "arrogant" for suggesting that badmouthing the Poors is an actual thing that Conservatives do.

From Mediaite:
One day after President Barack Obama criticized Fox News for portraying the poor as lazy leeches during a poverty forum at Georgetown University, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough called out Obama for an “embarrassing” level arrogance and hypocrisy.

“Saying that Roger Ailes’ network calls people leeches, sponges, and lazy, at a summit that’s supposed to bring both sides together on poverty, is stunning to me,” Scarborough said.

“Have you ever heard that on Fox News?” Scarborough asked the table. “Has anybody ever heard that on Fox News?”

“I don’t really watch,” co-host Mika Brzezinski replied, as the panel agreed that such sentiments could definitely be heard on conservative talk radio if nothing else.

Scarborough went on to critique Obama for declaring himself the “sole arbiter” of right and wrong. “The arrogance of it all is staggering,” he said. “That’s such an illuminating moment in this presidency — I’m a little embarrassed for him.”
It's always bad on MSNBC these days, watching the last, flickering light of Liberalism on teevee slowly being snuffed out by the damp rag of Chuck Toddism.  But watching the video of Squint thugging it up like the drunken asshole at the end of the bar this morning?  Double-dog daring his minions to name one time -- one time! -- that anyone on Mr. Roger Ailes' Perfectly Fair Teevee Network had ever called poor people names?  Then watching  his flunkies stare extravagantly at their shoe tops and pretended they had either never heard of Roger Ailes or were in some other teevee studio entirely?

This was perfectly surreal.

And a perfect coda on the collapse of journalism in America.
And third, regarding the plight of the American working class, imagine how much the perspective of every Conservative pundit -- from David Brooks to Joe Scarborough -- would be radically improved if they were forced to operate in an environment where there were actual employment consequence to being repeatedly and catastrophically wrong year after year after year.


Unknown said...

I left this utterly ineffectual note on the WaPo comments.

``Aside from the fact that the WaPo has further degraded itself to allow a hack like Joe Scarborough onto their already godawful op-ed pages, the editors therein let this fake misspell San Bernardino.''

The typo ``San Bernadino'' is right near the top of the mistakes you learn how to fix when you work for the print news media in California, far, far away from the Beltway.

bowtiejack said...

I suppose only time will tell, but I'm getting a definite Hitler bunker vibe from Scarborough and his journalmalism confreres.
Denial of reality was always a feature not a bug with them, but the stink of desperation sweat is getting worse.
If there's trouble at the Reichstag Quicken Loans Arena, who knows what might happen.

Jerry B said...

d/g I dig you man. I really do. I find that I agree with you quite often but there's one thing. You've gotta proof read, dude. It's really distracting to be reading someones deep thoughts on important issues and see these easily catchable mistakes. Go read the first few lines and tell me I'm wrong.

Jimbo said...

Hi Jerry, it's "someone's deep thoughts" not someones deep thoughts. I agree though that uncorrected typos and spelling errors can distract from the message.

Jerry B said...

Yes, yes because a missed apostrophe is just as bad but then I'm not an aspiring professional writer. I'm just a half wit nobody shouting into the void.

Going back to my life now.

RUKidding said...

...regarding the plight of the American working class, imagine how much the perspective of every Conservative pundit -- from David Brooks to Joe Scarborough -- would be radically improved if they were forced to operate in an environment where there were actual employment consequence to being repeatedly and catastrophically wrong year after year after year

Well yeah. But there's the rub. The sole focus of the Southern Strategy married to the War on Drugs combined with lashings of fundings from the billionaires and the corporations has been to both anesthetize and brainwash the bulk the populace (no matter how they vote) into fervently believing these lies. The GOP base is the most brainwashed, of course, but all this blathering at the moment - from whatever source - about the plight of the working class, which mainly means the plight of working class WHITE MEN - is just that: blathering and pretty meaningless at that.

These poor WHITE MEN who've been left behind are now vapidly enthralled with their new bright shiny object in the form of bully boy know-nothing Trump. The only thing delicious about it is the vapid trembling from the other billionaires who're pissed that Trump horned in on their long con of massively fleecing the rubes.

Trump ain't promising these dickweeds dick. What? He'll build some damn wall and make the dirty Messicans pay for it? My ass. And even if that happened, then what??

These fools don't pay attention. They just like to be entertained, and if it includes punching the so-called "left" - their alleged bounden enemies (why? because the very very rich SAID SO, that's why, now STFU & punch them!) - endlessly, so much the better.

The Trump Brown shirts that I've heard on the radio all "claim" that they believe Trump will "do something" for THEM. But they are clueless what that "something" entails. In fact, when Trump's tissue thin issue statements are parsed out, it amounts to the same old same old worthless cut taxes massively on the insanely wealthy, and all that fabulous wealth will trickle down on the rubes. At the same time, massively beef up military spending, but somehow in 8 years, the budget will be "balanced" (as if that makes a difference anyway). And yeah, he'll cut amazing "deals" to make the Chinese and Russians squeal.

These people have become so stupid that it's a wonder they can even see the noses on their fugly faces. They just want to hear and witness a bully being a bully, and then they think he'll spread some magic beans around and et voila! Their lives will be fabulous "again."

It's beyond idiocy as far as I can see, but from a sociological point of view, one can see how Hitler rose in power. This is how it starts. And if was 1930s Germany all over again, David F*cking Brooks and Joe Scarborough will be standing there with their tongues up Hitler's hiney selling his fascist notions to the Sieg Heiling mob.

The end.