Thursday, February 11, 2016

Whoever Is Putting Together The Ads for Bernie Sanders

Deserves a massive raise.

Smart.  Very smart.


Robt said...

I can hear and see the "Bern" from my desk.

It is very good messaging. Ashame it cannot get over the Wall Trump is building?.

Neo Tuxedo said...

If this is hope, why am I crying? If this isn't hope, why do I suddenly feel like we can get through this after all?

One Fly said...

If only!

dinthebeast said...

When we got to the apartment complex where we get to stay for the next week last night, we hadn't actually met the people we were staying with yet. I looked up from the walkway and saw the Bernie banner hanging from the balcony on the third floor and thought, wow, could that be them? It was. We're OK for another week.
You're right about the ad and it's creator. Awesome.

-Doug in Oakland (actually El Cerrito for a week)

Unknown said...

to get her?

Anonymous said...

Love Bern's message. Just have a lot of concerns whether he can a) win the general as a declared socialist* or b) get any of it through Congress if he does. b) also applies to Clinton - we may just be fkced either way. (Do not see major differences in their goals/philosophies.)

*I don't have a problem with this but we're the country of the McCarthy hearings and all that sh*t is still ingrained in a LOT of people.