Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Use Your Words, Chuck Todd!

Sometimes, as our Media Overlords try to pound every single political event into their Both Siderist frame. the results are just goofy and weird.

For example, here (h/t Heather from Crooks & Liars) we find dutiful Comcast employee Chuck Todd trying to explain what identically big whoop-de-dos it would be (well, "would have been") for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to each win their respective party's caucuses in the now-already-in-the-rear-view-and-fading state of Iowa.   Because according to the Authorized Beltway Narrative, Trump and Sanders are practically kissin' political cousins -- each representing exactly the same political impulses among their voters and each posing an identical threat for identical reasons to their party's establishments.

So, according to Chuck Todd, a Donald Trump win in Iowa would have been a "hostile takeover" of the Republican party.  And a Sanders win in Iowa would have been the same thing!  A "hostile takeover" of the Democratic party!

Except -- and this is what makes is art -- Chuck has to stop and clarify that a Bernie Sanders win would be a "more benevolent version of a hostile takeover".

Dear Chuck,

This is the definition of "hostile":
hos·tile  \ˈhäs-təl\

: of or relating to an enemy
: not friendly : having or showing unfriendly feelings
: unpleasant or harsh
And this is the definition of "benevolent":
be·nev·o·lent  \bə-ˈnev-lənt\

: kind and generous
: organized to do good things for other people

See the difference?  "Hostile" and "benevolent" are not slight variations of the same thing.

In fact, they are the diametric opposites of each other.

Sort of like a fascist demagogue like Donald Trump and a New Deal Democrat like Bernie Sanders.


Jimbo said...

Chuckles is paid a lot of money to spout ridiculous blather that nobody besides the Beltway punditry listens to (if even then) in addition to asking puffball questions of his RWNJ guests. And, yes, he is the uncrowned King of High Broderism on the TeeVee.

Robt said...

Your hostile benevolent ,
--------------------------- Constructive criticism of Choke Toad
-----------------------------is noted for the record.

Because, As Rushbo does it, so does Choke Toad.
or even, Alex Jones is just like Andrea Mitchell. Hannity and Maddow are Twins that say and do the same exact things.
There is no difference between Ronald Reagan and Stalin. Kim Jong ill and Ted Cruz both do it..

Sounds fairly reasonable if your appealing to FOX level viewership.

trgahan said...

I'm assuming Chuck, Brooks, et al. email inbox got hit ca. two weeks ago with:

"Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Version of Trump/Cruz!" Now get out there an sell that talking point or I'll find other mindless monkeys who can!!!

Liberal media indeed.

bowtiejack said...

You and your damn facts! Always with the damn facts!

Well the GOP and its media friends don't need no stinking facts!

Ufotofu9 said...

So Todd is introduced by Rachael Maddow, and Todd goes on to say that "each representing exactly the same political impulses among their voters and each posing an identical threat for identical reasons to their party's establishments."

And then she's gone, not there to question this deliberate both siderism claptrap. Instead, Brian Williams (I think. All white news anchors look the same to me) is the only person present, wholly lacking the ability and/or inclination to question Todd further.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Liberal news network.

Robt said...

Example for Choke Toad and his both-siderisms:

( I am not sure how it is not Toad's job to stay on the facts or truth. But he can yell from the MSNBC's rooftop that they are the same" He an make that judgement of others? )

Ted Cruz; Obama is a mad dictator who defies congress with all his presidential decrees. Elect me, and on day one I will use Executive Orders to turn the sands of the Middle East into glass.

Trump: Obama is a weak dictator who uses his presidential powers to do dumb things. On day one of my presidency, I will , Build a huge border walls, ban foreigners, make great trade deals with my presidential powers..

Rubio; Obama is a dictator for his Executive Orders and is weak for not defying the Constitution and Congress to go to war. As president on day one, I President Marco will Will go to war with the entire Middle East. The entire Islamic religious world. I will get rid of ObamaCare, voting rights, and cut taxes on the wealthy with the power of my presidential pen.

Crispy Christie; Obama is a dictator because he won't obey republicans (like me). As a big president one day one, I will deport liberals before muslims. I would do all sort of things to screw with you little people ( time for lane closures) and I could not wait around for Congress to make up its laws. To be sure, my 1st Executive Order on day one shall be that only the finest tasting doughnuts are reserved for the president and his staff.

You see, all of these statements are the same as Obama, Hillary and Sanders.

How there is no difference between a GW Bush with a republican majority House Senate and SCOTUS waive the peoples representation and look the other way in approval verses a hostile insane Republican majority in the House Senate and SCOTUS that are all KKK on the black president when and if he uses one executive order let alone a signing statement.

Here is a difference for Toad,
Republican congressional majorities have always "hunted" Democratic Presidents with their Congressional powers. And abusively at that.

Democratic congressional majorities do not hunt republican presidents.


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