Monday, February 22, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The "Radical Center"

In case you were unfamiliar, the barely perceptible former governor of Utah and failed presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, currently keeps his name from being buried by the sands of time by co-chairing an outfit called "No Labels".

"No Labels" is a scam run primarily by Romanovs-in-Exile Republicans who have been run out of the party by it's new owners and are always looking to wheedle a ride back to their former glory. 

"No Labels" main activity is taking money -- lots and lots and lots of money -- from rich and gullible chumps in order to buy radio stations, teevee time and an entire front operation dedicated to playing dress-up and pretending that there is such a thing as a Radical Center in American politics which can save these very gullible chumps from the horrors of Both Sides.

But in the end, "No Labels" is really nothing more than a Potemkin political village made of sound and fury and random Tom Friedman/David Brooks columns, signifying nothing.  And in the end people like Huntsman who give "No Labels" its sheen of respectability are just a better class of GOP grifter, willing to throw in with the most reckless demagogue the Party of Personal Responsibility has produced in living memory --
[Huntsman] said Trump's right in his plans to wipe out the Washington establishment and "bring aboard a new generation of the best and the brightest."

"I'd love to see someone stand up who's a total outsider and see if that can be done because I think it would actually be a pretty healthy thing," he said.
-- because this may be their last ticket out of the sticks and back to the Show.


Robt said...

Jon Huntsman: I could support Donald Trump if he's nominated

I noticed the Mittance hasn't committed. More so, Dick the Cheney made it clear the Donald was a "Librul". But where does Liz-ard Cheney stand on the candidates? Her vote is up for grabs.

No labels along with no ingredient listing makes for a risky meal. Especially with allergens.

And Trump will print a huge No Label ever and make us all pay for it.

You think Huntsman would be tweeting how he could vote for Ted Cruz if he was leading. Hmmmm, about that open ambassador position?

Huntsman tweets out his resume in public.

Batocchio said...

Spot on. Huntsman was the most reasonable Republican candidate in 2012, but despite that, his actual policy positions were horrible. Like Romney, Hunstman probably didn't believe all of what he said then or is saying now, but who cares? He's willing to take that position publicly and is too gutless to call out Trump and his supporters.

(Meanwhile, I'm reminded that professional scold of liberals Jonathan Haidt has praised No Labels. It's not important to offer accurate, well-supported political analysis, you see -- the key thing is to posture as an independent... and advocate for right-of-center to conservative policies, such as slashing the social safety net, as if they were neutral positions and obvious wisdom. Oh, and of course there have also been bullshit articles blaming liberals for Trump somehow.)

bowtiejack said...

Ah, the American version of pantomime, a British theatrical entertainment mainly for children, featuring slapstick and outrageous buffoonery.

Let's see, the last time we did the "best and brightest thing" we ended up in Vietnam as I recall. And "plans to wipe out the Washington establishment" (a perennial best seller) will involve several costume and set changes by the party's incumbents, parasites, courtiers and hangers on. But, what the hey, on with the show!

Mister Roboto said...

Hmmm. I know a lot of liberals like to think of the Nazis as "right wing", but the truth is, they were the "radical center" of their time.

CM said...

You should listen to the entire interview of Huntsman on Axelrod's podcast. There were more egregious things in there. He called Jindal, Walker, and Perry as hot commodities or something to that effect.

Robt said...

Not to one up Huntsman,
God told Cruz that Jesus will be his Vice President.

Seek not what you shall never find.

rodandchance said...

Just as George the Lesser brought in the 'very brightest' so will Trump, the problem that remains is that after listening to the 'best and brightest' it remains to the dumbest or the most insane to choose which of the brightest persons ideas to choose. George chose poorly and so would Trump.

trgahan said...

My guess is Huntsman, like his daddy did, is angling to get his kids high profile D.C. internships to help build rolodex's and get intel for insider trading. That family has made sure to keep ties with Beltway power for decades.

That can be the only thing a man SO MUCH an insider that he worked for Reagan, Papa Bush, McCain, and Romney.

CM said...

To be fair to Huntsman he also served under Obama.