Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

"How About A Nice Game Of Chess?"  Edition.

It must have been a great relief for NBC's Shuck Todd to finally give up trying to walk upright and get "answers" from Donald Trump and instead content himself with tossing softballs, nodding at the reply and then moving on.

The rest of us are screwed, of course, but when has that not been true?

Halfway through Trump's full body massage, Todd invited him an honorary membership in the Both Siderist Club, which he dropped at Trump's feet -- an obedient hound dropping a retrieved duck before his owner:

DONALD TRUMP:  P.T. Barnum.  Look, people call you names.  We need P.T. Barnum, a little bit, because we have to build up the image of our country.  We have to be a cheerleader for our country.  We don't have a cheerleader.  I thought Obama, when he got elected, would be a good cheerleader.  That's the one thing I said.  I said he’ll be a - you know, he'll unify the country, whether it's African American and white and all.  You know, he'll unify.  He's not unifying.  He's been a great divider.  On top of that, very bad--

CHUCK TODD:  You think he's been the divider?  What about the Republican party--

DONALD TRUMP:  Well, I think he's--

CHUCK TODD:  You don't think they've--

DONALD TRUMP:  No, no, I think he's--

CHUCK TODD:  You don't think this has been a two-way street here--

DONALD TRUMP: Chuck, he hasn't brought us together.  He hasn't brought the people--
CHUCK TODD:  And that's on him, not on both parties?
And being a magnanimous master, Trump rubbed Todd on the tum-tum and agreed to meet him half way.

Well, half-way to half-way.

DONALD TRUMP:  I think it's on everybody.  But he's the leader.  He's the leader.  He could've been a great cheerleader and he hasn't been.  And that's too bad.
The crowned jewel of your "in the public interest" professional network media at work.

Down the dial on ABC, Mr. Todd's BFF, Hugh "Unidentified Male" Hewitt, continued to be treated with utterly unearned respect and deference by the rest of the Sunday clown show mollusks.

First, Hewitt trotted out the latest in the long line of wingnut conspiracy chew toy apparel.  Because if he doesn't who will?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And this morning, on every national show, I'll bet you no one brings up 18 USC 1924, a statute that former Secretary of State Clinton almost certainly broke, as was released on Friday. I'll bet you it's not discussed anywhere, but that Donald Trump will discuss it. And when he does that...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Can you explain what the statute is (INAUDIBLE)...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The statute prohibits the misuse of classified information. And she directed Jake Sullivan to alter and send over a non-secure system secure communications. It's clearly a felony. I think that she's going to be indicted...
Then, Hewitt buttered up the pro-Trump bed-wetters and shut-ins who comprise his radio audience and who watch in delight as his idiocy legitimized by "serious" network teevee programs over and over again,  This time, Hewitt explained that..
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Of course I'm not going to condemn [Trump], Tavis, because he's talking about issues that no one else will talk about. Donald Trump is going to win New Hampshire on the basis of candor, not -- and his combativeness...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ...[Trump] scores, not because of hatred, but because of candor.
Meanwhile, Matt "Why won't anyone believe I'm an Independent?" Dowd tried to keep things light with his own breezy rendition of the Beltway Hack Corporate Loyalty Anthem:
DOWD: ,,, But I think it's really important to understand, I think, what's going on on both sides of this. And Donald Trump is represented on one side and Bernie Sanders is represented on the other side of this, for totally different reasons, with totally different supporters.

There is an unbelievable frustration with the duopoly of the two parties in this country and the establishment of the two parties in this country.

People don't like what's happened. The middle class are pissed off. They've been angry for 25 years. They've seen no rise in their income. And they think Washington, DC only serves a small group of people, whatever that may be.

And Bernie Sanders is gaining the benefit of that against Hillary Clinton, the establishment candidate, and Donald Trump, for everything you say about him, for the crazy stuff he says...
That never-ending Beltway conjure spell for driving away scary reality which Dowd was only too happy to continue peddling in the Twitter parking lot after the show:

So don't worry, citizen:  as is true every Sunday, you missed nothing at all. Debunked and discredited wingnuts continue to be feted at the Adult Table. Both Siderism continues to be the most profitably-subsidized refuge for running dog Conservatives in the world.  Uncomfortable topics like the antics "Meal Team Six" (h/t Internet) up in Oregon continue to be purged from the news.  And in general everything remains comfortably chicken chicken chicken.


Jerry B said...

I wish I knew the reason the MOTU were so determined to get us to elect Trump. Other than vanity I don't know what good purpose they could possible believe it would serve.

I joke about conspiracies all the time but rarely believe them to be real. However, the record of the last few years would suggest that maybe there could be something to the notion that there is a conspiracy between the individuals who control most of the media in this country.

They are playing a game of their own devising and for their own purposes and we are not the intended beneficiaries.

Robt said...

Echoes reverberating vibrations from the imagination of George Orwell.

Orwell may have wrote the 3rd Testament. It;s literary competition might well be Ayn Rand's work. There are parallels actually materializing imitating life.

CardboardCaskets said...

Not to be reductionist, but: teevee advertising bribes must be laid every two years in front of the Seriousness Judgment Seat. You got nothing but serious pokicy proposals and a multi-decade resume? Get dafuq out, you, and shaddup you face.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

The other MOTU (I still prefer Teddy Roosevelt's classic "Malefactors Of Great Wealth") may not actually want Trump.

It could simply be that the Corporate Media members of the MOTU (or MOGW) perceive Trump as good for their ratings, and hence their profits. The other MOTUs may think "Of course, he can't ACTUALLY win."

Meanwhile, Cruz the Ooze waits, jackal-like, to pick up the pieces if/when Trump finally does flame out.

trgahan said...

The Sunday shows are ignoring Meal Team Six because they know, like all of these incidents, intensive coverage destroys the Noble-White-Guy-Standing-Up-Against-Government narrative their viewers and advertisers want to see. My local media updates the story daily, but ever since the locals came out against the occupation (and even the family that started this disavowed them), reporters have been sticking to context free rehearsed interviews with the terrorists representatives that know NOT to say anything about "The Negra!" this time.

As for the MOTU's and Trump, I think they know they have a loser crop of candidates and a long shot at general election. So, like 2012, better to pretend its "a close race" and make a crap ton of money that comes with it.

And, if nominated, unlike McCain and Romney, Trump would no problem spending post-November 2016 talking into every microphone about how his 60+ to 40- loss in the generals was "rigged" and the election was "stolen" from him; therefore forcing the Democratic victor with having to prove "legitimacy" to a hostile congress that will do nothing by "investigate" for the next two years.

Neo Tuxedo said...

And, if nominated, unlike McCain and Romney, Trump would [have] no problem spending post-November 2016 talking into every microphone about how his 60+ to 40- loss in the generals was "rigged" and the election was "stolen" from him; therefore forcing the Democratic victor with having to prove "legitimacy" to a hostile congress that will do nothing b[ut] "investigate" for the next two years.

"To-night on It's the Mind we examine the phenomenon of deja vu, that mysterious feeling we sometimes get that we've experienced something before, that what's happening now has already happened."

Robt said...

If only we had access to the historical documents and reports the ALIENS who have experimented and seeded this planet for there amusement.
The same aliens that built the pyramid grain silos.

Doesn't Trump and many of the GOP'ers, like the Goemerts, McConnells Steve Kings make you question if in fact you are the alien or if you are the human?
It makes me question my origin> There is no way them or I came from the same evolutionary swamp pool ladder.

Unknown said...

You don't understand, Donald. I coulda had class!
I coulda been a cheerleader!
I coulda been somebody.
Instead of Obummer, which is what I am. Let's face it.
It was you, Donald!